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  1. Royal should incorporate overnighters somehow into San Fran, Seattle, L.A, and/or Vancouver, in a variety of itineraries, to make these itineraries more attractive...as well as a private resort area either in Northern Baja or one of the small rocky Islands off the coast of the Baja.
  2. I can see "Soul ots", maybe "Portrait ots" or even "Eminence ots" or "Essence ots".
  3. Overnight stays needs to occur on the left coast. ..to build up & enhance itineraries there.
  4. Even more reason, to build smaller Oasis style ships. Be cautious about building continuous larger Chinese cities that's vacant...nothing wrong with newer, smaller cities.
  5. Was there an article or talk, suggesting Royal plan to build an Oasis class terminal in LA or Australia...somewhere in the Pacific region?
  6. ??? There is a huge difference between a 30yr small class of ship with modern limitations versus new, more efficient versions with any number of innovations, standard on the ship.
  7. Hmmm.... I suspect Royal would build a fleet of 150,000 tons ships, if not slightly smaller, whereas the beam of these ships would squeeze through the Post Panamax (~160' max) ...a mini-Oasis version style class of ship(LNG of course), as some of these ships that was built Pre-Oasis start to hit there 30yr retirement party.
  8. Hmmm....I was really looking forward to testing being done away with, all together, by Halloween weekend.......don't look like that's going to happen.
  9. LoL...although Celebrity is under the RIG umbrella, the two brands have vastly different personality. The Atmosphere & Environment on Celebrity is not the same Vibe that Royal have. Royal is its own Brand in itself...and they not only are innovating; but, ahead of the curve looking forward. So, I certainly can see, with new younger, more modern thinking leadership, replacing Fain a slight change in approach, geared toward what I'm suggesting...as well as, what JasonOasis & JohnK5404 theorize, as a possible train of thought.
  10. Reasons why I wish Royal would consider building a smaller version of the Oasis Class w/o the water slides, dry slide, & Aqua Theater. Just a version of CP & BW(with an infinity pool in the back)... capable of docking at any number of ports & trans versing the Canal.
  11. If it was as, you convey... I don't know why Royal don't just do away with testing all together... what's the holdup?
  12. At some point, Royal is going to have to cut ties & bring something new, more entertaining, and modern.
  13. Looks like a Coco Cay Oasis Lagoon style pool....mini version
  14. With the Refreshment Package, do one still have to "eat at" Johnny Rockers to get a shake with the Package? In other words, one can't just go get a shake with the Refreshment Package without dining in?
  15. I've suggested the Blaster should have been put on Oasis & Allure (whenever it's Amped). Also, I hate they removed the kids pool from Oasis, when it was Amped... the pool should had remained, when Royal Amped the area vs sacrificing a percentage of the original space(landscape) for loungers, reducing the overall size of the area. Kids want to be "in water", think it was 30inches deep; as well as, treading in 2inches of water while getting dumped on. The kid's pool was regular populated, vs now reduced "traffic & use" over a period of time. And also, gotta get it off my chest again, although I've said this many times before, I wish when Oasis got Amped, they would have put in a cascade pool in the Solarium, much like what's on the Quantum Class Ships. Hopefully, these things make the cut for Icon... as well as, a Lazy River, which could be engineered done, on Oasis Class Ships, w/o encroaching on much of the ship landscape (pump & filter included). Anyway, that's my "Rant & Wish"
  16. Smoking really needs to be in a designated outdoor area, if not outright done away with.
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