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  1. Yeah......protocols tend to never go away & they all will opt-in; pre-covid cruising is done forever. <smh>
  2. Like policy, once standard behavior protocols are in place, they tend to never go away. So, although covid hysteria is fading away, like most other infectious outbreaks; something new will take its place, to keep the "new normal" going....and I'm not talking about another variant.
  3. Really, you can't go wrong with any view. 270° put the cruisers view closer to the water; neither less, can't go wrong with either one.
  4. This would be my guess...with dual use, for potential future overnight guess accommodations
  5. A Lazy River would be a great addition...really, at all of RCG private destinations.
  6. I think they were advised what potentially would happen & how it could effect their record
  7. This make utterly no sense whatsoever....why would a multi-billion dollar company, segregate a ship with clearly different protocols(which is not a good "PR" look), just to "Discourage" non-vax passengers from sailing...when the multi-billion dollar company can simply, just say "Vax Only Cruise" like what's currently happening on Adventure otS. This clearly an attempt by RCG to maximize revenue...by any means necessary. Which is understandable business decision, imo opinion; because, of the huge amount of unnecessary occurred debt, by all these cruise lines. Make no mistake about it....this is maximize revenue generating decision, by playing both sides(cake & pie) of newly implementing Laws. Cruising is risking, not just the probability of an outbreak on any particular cruise...but the amount of potential monies loss by passengers, be it testing added expense, interruptions, infection(vax or un-vax), forfeit travel plans, possible separation or removal of family members, cost to get back into the States, etc This makes no sense as well....a "shrewd" business opportunity to snag passengers, in the mist of a so-called "pandemic", where as, all cruise lines are in the same boat. Ha Ha...looky-there...I made a pun too.
  8. Kinda suspect the Icon will be a hybrid Oasis/Quantum class ship
  9. One by far, twilight on the high-seas...i love seeing the atmosphere & distant conditions during twilight...love it. 2nd: a good beverage(?) while enjoying the pool with the Mrs. & friends; and, specifically on Oasis Class, a good beverage(?) at Trellis Bar during the early evening, with the Mrs. friends, and strangers. Finally...Mingling. People are interesting & share really fascinating tales & experiences. I really enjoy the many conversations with strangers & believe it or not, one can actually learn something new or pov from the casual interactions.
  10. That area would be a great location for a fourth pool & lounge area, overlooking the back side of the ship, with one of those infinity edge glass wall. I understand this for the china market; but, an additional pool would be a nice update for the US market(if it ever sail again) if there's ever plan to reduce the number of flowriders to 1, on an Oasis Class ship, imo...and help move some traffic & spread, from other areas of the ship.
  11. Yes...I think they've looked at it......with tunnel vision
  12. Would be even better if Nav otS become a permanent fixture here out West, for some time.
  13. Being saying this since May of last year, when a number of members of Congress(both in the house & senate) express their desire for these " 'foreign entities' to become taxable...because they register their ships out of the country, like illegal off shore companies; and yet, rake in the benefits, off the backs of US tax paying citizens & feel they need to fall under US regulations(employment, environmental, & operation) & pay their fair share of taxation." Of coarse, many here just ignored what these opportunistic politicians express, as if to keep out of the forum's eye for discussion(censor), when an obvious agenda was at play with these politicians, from their own statements...guess hindsight is truly 20/20. Many closing their eyes & hoping it will go away, did nothing for the industry, that appear to be hard pressed to recover now, in a very uncertain global economy that is tethering on collapse. The ruining of a flourishing market is going to become more secluded to those willing to pay, a more inflated price. The ratio of infections & death "Never" justified the shutting down of whole economies & industries, in caparison to other so-called pandemics throughout history. Royal, I think was on the verge of building the most dominant holding in the cruise industry; and now, saddled with unnecessary debt, in a media induced diminishing market, unstable global economy/rising inflation, reduced disposable capital, and the "Fact" this is being continuing dragged out even longer, I just don't see them reaching that potential peak, they once was on track to achieve....really, the industry as a whole.
  14. That exactly what's going to happen...it a setup. The CDC is being used, to extort the the cruise lines. They(CDC) will appear to bend to pressure or just being Fair & Just, by allowing cruise lines to sail...probably beginning anywhere between August & September, even as early as mid-July. Then when the "Variant" become more prevalent in the US, given how the media is already playing its role, in preparing the US citizens for the coming "4th Wave"...as soon as a single passenger is reported as having or infected with the "Variant"; the CDC will then be justified to reinstate the dreaded "NO-Sail Order"; and, proclaim, "See, I Told You So!"....your measures(which is their measures) don't work, even with fully vaccinated passengers...whom we are reminded, can still get a mutated strain of the virus & spread it, why the strong suggestion for vaccinated people still should comply & don a mask. There is no intention for the government to allow cruising until they get(extort) what they want....tax revenue from foreign cruise lines. They don't care about percentage of U.S Steel, built at U.S. shipyard, or non of that...they want access to another tax revenue stream; whether it's against standing U.S Law or not. Welcome to the New "Topsy-Turvy" World. I truly sense some cruise lines are going to go bankrupt & disappear, if they don't comply. <smh>
  15. When you say "modify" are you suggesting possible retrofitting with retractable stacks?
  16. Yes, it's for the muster drill; but, for tracking as well, in use for contact tracing.
  17. Wow...That's disappointing; but, from his perspective, I understand why he would feel that way. So much for that idea.....
  18. As long as Oasis has Cats, it will lag behind her sister ships, as far as, enthusiasm for their major big Broadway productions. Which leads me to say, given the cost to install a replacement show, in this case, on Oasis....Royal should consider getting licensing permission for writers to formulate another story/production number for Cats, for ship production only, that could be more suitable to passengers taste. Different score, music selection, shorter & more electric production, and story, using many of the same props & wardrobe. It has been evident for a good, long, while, that not only many more seasoned passengers have grown tired of this production; but, newcomers are ignoring the shows because of the number of bad reviews about the show on Oasis.
  19. The article is about the environmental impact....that the whole & complete thesis presented. The article only casually briefly mentioned Covid. Not sure will that the focus of rebuttal, when it's not the focus of the article.
  20. Matt, It came up on it's own like that...I did not post the link like that. I just linked it & this what automatically appeared, "lackeys.....". Did not notice til your comment.
  21. That's all you got out of that...not the crust or thesis, of the issue that citizens have, that was apparently legally voted on. Well, not sure how or why that "linked title" appears...it was not part of the original title of the article or the link, when I linked it here. Still, interesting and informative article imo....
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