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  1. A little different but I was on a flight back from Europe with my 73 year old Mom a few years back. She is a very run-of-the-mill looking grandmotherly type. Very unassuming. I have dual citizenship, she is a British citizen so I don't know if this played into what happened but I breezed through customs with barely a glance from the agent. She was chosen to be searched. She had 2 pieces of Lladro (porcelain figurines) that her sister had gifted her in her suitcase. 4 hours later I had a mother who thought she was going to be deported from the US (she lives here), her hair was a mess, her clothes were rumpled and she was hysterical and in the throws of an anxiety attack. It was an honest mistake on her part. She thought if it was a gift she didn't need to declare it. We know better now and declare everything. Getting picked is just bad luck but when you do it can turn into a fiasco.
  2. Turns out they refunded the port/taxes, the drink & internet package and 25% of the cost of the cruise. TA says the rest should come in the next couple of weeks but not to expect it to all come at once. What ever happened to working smarter, not harder. *sigh* Kate
  3. My TA says it looks like they refunded the drink/internet package twice and to just wait and see. There are some weird factors to this because a 4th passenger was supposed to go with us but pulled out back in March and got a 50% refund at the time. We're thinking part of the refund is the difference between that and the deposit we put down. Who knows. Just glad to see some of my money back. Kate
  4. Hi Everyone, I was shocked to look at my account today and find that I had refunds from RC for a July 13th 5-day cruise that was cancelled. There were 3 of us going, if that helps. The problem was that I couldn't figure out what it was for. I paid a total of $2868.34. I was refunded: $347.34 (taxes and fees, the only one I can pin down) $280.07 $280.07 $323.43 We did order a soda package that amounted to $156.00 and a stream and surf that was around $121.00. I would appreciate any help y'all could give me. Thankfully I have an awesome MEI TA that I have e-mailed and asked but was curious if any of you have run into this. Thanks, Katie
  5. We were set to sail July 11th for my son and my birthday (yup, born on the same day). I got the dreaded e-mail just now from my TA. I feel so badly for MEI right now and all the extra work they're having to do. I still had a smidge of hope we would be on that cruise but we will just wait until they are sailing again. Ah well, deep down we all knew it was coming. Katie
  6. If you follow their pattern my guess would be they won't cancel until around June 10th. Their first round of cancellations happened on March 12th and it went through April 12th. The second round was announced around April 12th and went through June 11th. I'm supposed to be on Indy July 11th out of Fort Lauderdale but the CDC order goes through the end of July so I'm not expecting to cruise and don't expect them to announce until mid-June that they're cancelling. It's all a big waiting game at the moment. We all know there is going to be at least another round of cancellations, it's just a matter of when and for how long.
  7. Just looked to see if I could "Lift and Shift" my July 2020 cruise to Jamaica. It doesn't appear to be happening in 2021. There aren't any 5 night cruises in July 2021 at all out of Florida ports and I didn't see any to Jamaica. I don't see Lift and Shift working out for me. ? Cruise is probably going to be cancelled in July and I have no idea what we will do. I just want to cruise! Katie
  8. We're booked on Indy for a July 11th cruise. The kids and I are just holding our breath waiting to see if we will be going. I lucked into one of the new junior suites at a great price and at this point I don't care what port they pull in to. I just want the open seas, a beautiful view from our balcony and 6 or 7 days away from the constant miserable news! Getting away from work won't suck either and since the kids have been stuck at home for weeks now I know they would do just about anything to get out of our small, rural area. If I believed in this kind of stuff I would be making offerings to the Goddess Amphitrite to help us out!....... We need this cruise!
  9. I've done window, balcony and junior suite on a few different ships. I will never go back to anything less than a junior suite. with either 2 or 4 people in the room, the extra space and priority boarding is worth the extra money to me. I have family that say you don't spend much time in the room so why does it matter. For me, when I come back from a long day of hard play and excitement I want to stretch out and relax. I don't want to feel like I'm sitting on top of the person/people I'm travelling with. GO with the JS, you won't regret it.
  10. The kids and I are scheduled to leave July 11th out of Ft. Lauderdale on Indy. With the CDC announcement everything has become a "could be" and "may be" situation which leaves us in limbo. My question is, in your opinions, will I be holding a frosty beverage on the balcony of my suite or will I be enjoying same frosty adult beverage with my toes in a kiddy pool in my front yard? At this point it's either cruise away or stay-cation because the money has been spent. I'm just frustrated with the lack of information flowing from RCL. Thanks for any opinions. Katie
  11. The kids and I will be traveling on Indy in mid-July (I refuse to believe otherwise, I NEED a cruise!). I've already paid it off but was still watching the prices in case I could swing an upgrade. Joy of joys I was able to upgrade from a balcony to a JS. Now here's the weird part. It's room 1102 on Independence and for some bizarre reason I can't find anything on this room. I see it's on a tiny hallway off the solarium, supposedly has a bigger than usual balcony but when I try to find pictures, video, anything there is NOTHING. Like the room is a black hole that no one has ever come back from. I see postings about this mythical hallway, but there are no pictures. Like there's a secret club and once you're in you're not allowed to share it's secrets. Does anyone have any info on this room? I'm a pretty laid back traveler so I went ahead and took the upgrade but now I'm wondering what I've gotten the kids and I into. Thanks for any info, Katie
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