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  1. We're sailing on Wonder of the Seas at the beginning of September and been monitoring the voom price. It has increased and wish I'd book it a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, what put me off was the price was £11 a day but the total was £120 for 7 days. It wasn't the "from" price either as this was the price quoted but changed to £120 on the payment page. But that's not all, last weekend it was cheaper (obvious you'd think) to buy the 2 device package but today the 2 device package is way more than buying 2 individual packages. I really can't make any sense of this. Is the price likely to change again and come down? I sort of feel it's a glitch but maybe it's not!
  2. It now looks as if our cruise in early September has been cancelled so considering taking the 125% credit. but how does thus work? We’ve still only paid the deposit so would we get 125% of that or will it be based on the full price of the cruise?
  3. I’m quite surprised to hear this. I thought children would be back at school by September - or at least the older children! it doesn’t bother me, just a little surprised.
  4. We’re booked on a cruise from Miami in early September and wondered how full the ship is likely to be and typical age groups we can expect. We’ve always cruised in July & August and the ships are always full with a lot of families but I’m thinking this may be different in September?
  5. Hi there, first post so everyone may know the answer to this question apart from me! the discount on drinks packages is only up to end August and we sail beginning of September. Do they hold theses sales regularly? Do I just need to wait a bit longer for my dates to come up?
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