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  1. lol... I don't think you're crazy! There are a few things that I am certain of; they are: 1. Death 2. Taxes AND 3. Royal Caribbean's website is Gremlin Central Station
  2. Hey cruise fam! I feel like it is NEVER too early to get this Roll Call going. We are headed on this cruise as a large group to celebrate a friend's belated 40th. (we were originally scheduled to cruise Apr 2021 so we have a LOT of making up to do!) Can't wait to cruise with you all!
  3. "PAX" lol... your vet status is showing
  4. You don't... and it is written into the fine print. This is directly from their TaC. RCL Purchase Terms and Conditions.pdf (royalcaribbean.com) It sucks... but just follow @Matt's advice and you can't go wrong!
  5. That happened with us too. Best part about The Key IMO. Didn't stress about showing up to any show or rushing through dinner to get there early enough for good seats. Every major resort has pay for exclusivity perks. Disney has Fast Pass, Universal has Express Pass, Delta has Sky Priority... I think RCI is missing a major opportunity to promote The Key in a similar fashion without this perk.
  6. Bummer they didn't bring back the reserved seating benefit. On our last cruise, the reserved seating went largely unused even with The Key benefit and having a ship full of suite guests. Hopefully there are opportunities for adjustment! It was a nice way to bridge the gap between Sea Class and Sky Class perks.
  7. I feel like long segmented cruises would be an amazing way to actually market this to the younger generations. We have been saving for a Star Class suite... I would MUCH rather do something like this a segment at a time. It makes me think of Spartan runs. You do certain segments and get a piece of a large puzzle which when combined, makes a cool metal. RCI could even flaunt off the sections you have completed by displaying them on your cruise pass, or door.
  8. THIS! Long term assisted living was the first nursing job I got out of school... average cost PER DAY in an assisted living is about $130. I think I would rather do this!
  9. I think your cabin class, whether or not you would use room service/internet, and whether one of your port itineraries includes a tender should really be the primary considerations. Personally, I thought the Chops embarkation meal in the MDR was not as nice as the meal is when actually in Chops. I would LOVE no cost room service as I am an early riser while my spouse is not. I would love to enjoy a full service breakfast on my balcony without having to go to the WJ (does anyone else hate walking back to their room with food...? all uncovered... and then someone always makes a comment about your breakfast... lol... like... mind yo business... this is for TWO people <-- clearly still holding onto trauma) We always use the internet, and on larger ships, the priority tender / saved seats at events can definitely make you feel like Sky/Star class without booking that level of suite. Without the saved seats at events, The Key just doesn't seem worth it.
  10. I actually prefer to stay in an Air BnB when we cruise out of Miami (especially if we are in a group). You can find some amazing rentals there for a fraction of the price. Luxury W Hotel Downtown Miami Beautiful Views - Apartments for Rent in Miami, Florida, United States (airbnb.com) for example
  11. you mean that BOBO 30% off discount WASN'T unique to me?!
  12. It's probably like everything else nowadays... at the mercy of some almighty algorithm... "SO SAY WE ALL"
  13. Chair hogs are like roaches... they will outlast us all
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