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  1. This defines EXACTLY what is needed. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/qualifications-special-pricing To qualify for a military rate, an individual must be classified as one of the following: Active personnel currently serving in the Canadian National Defense; United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard or Reserves. Proper identification in the form of a United States Uniformed Services WHITE Identification Card for U.S. military personnel, and a WHITE N.D.21 Identification Card with a Red Canadian Flag displayed for Canadian National Defens
  2. Also if you get really sea-sick, discuss with your general practitioner a Scopolamine patch. (it is a transdermal patch worn behind the ears). In the UK it's called Scopoderm. As a natural alternative, ginger pills can help a lot! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! (... or in metric... 28.3 grams of prevention is worth 0.4 Kg of cure... doesn't sound as catchy...)
  3. This is EXACTLY what they told me on our upcoming booking. I was attempting to reprice our cruise, and the agent ended up making excuses as to why he couldn't rebook; This went on for DAAAAYS. (he kept saying the "hold lines are super long" and "they aren't repricing cruises right now"... I used the advice from this blog. I called the service number and used the phone routing intended for travel agents (was connected in no time). Then I had to fight with the agent to release the travel agent's grip on our cruise. They said they are unable to do anything about it. I expressed that I HAD co
  4. lol... we had the same trend... and now I can't even THINK of booking an inside stateroom Even though you don't get ALL the bigger suite perks for booking a Junior Suite, you can often can make up the (some) of the difference with The Key. It made financial sense to us on our last cruise because we normally buy internet. (plus... those double points help tremendously if you're like us and only cruise once a year).
  5. We love a good clam shell case! And honestly nowadays... is it really worth it to spend hundreds of dollars on luggage?! That ish is just gonna get tore up. Save yourself the money and get a cheap set from Ross or TJ MAX... they always seem to have luggage on sale. For added bonus, we like using all 3 sizes when we travel! This means that if you didn't spring for the suite, you can shove them all in together like Russian nesting dolls, and toss em under the bed! (just don't be too cheap and opt for luggage that has 4 wheels and preferably ones that look like the one posted above!)
  6. 1. Good question... If this is a genuine concern of yours, I encourage you to contact your state and local representatives. Not a lot of people were up in arms when the regulatory agencies were telling me, a registered nurse taking care of COVID-19 patients, to reuse my surgical mask for a week (thereby exposing me and my family to take care of you and yours). If you insist on having a single-use disposable mask... they are selling a 50 pack for $9 bucks on Amazon... that's about 18 cents per mask. 2. Yes, I do realize that the masks are intended to be single use... desperate times call f
  7. The most important part of that citation seems to be something that was completely glossed over... Surgical masks are designed to capture bacteria from the wearer’s mouth, and prevent them from spreading to other surfaces (or people). While Wikipedia goes on to delineate between surgical masks and masks used to prevent airborne illnesses (like N95 masks or respirators), we can still use surgical masks to prevent infection through universal use. One of the primary benefits of wearing a surgical mask in the “healthy” is by acting as a physical barrier to your mouth and nose (something hu
  8. Both my spouse and I are former smokers... We avoid the casino and the smoke area on the pool deck (unless we are a few drinks in... and then those tasty smokey treats start smelling heavenly!!! lol)
  9. Hi! These are vary valid questions. Unfortunately, the answer cannot be summed up in a meme. If you are really interested in the answer, feel free to review the literature below. These are all peer-reviewed research articles (and some of them are systematic reviews and meta-analysis). The TLDR: Masks work, but we use 6 ft because not everyone can/will a mask. 6ft work because science has shown social distancing to be the easiest intervention to implement on a grand scale. Social distancing COMBINED with masks substantially decreases the likelihood of spreading the virus. The lockdown is
  10. Exactly this! haha I am desperately in need of a vacation... and I'm eyeballing an 11 day cruise out of Galveston in December... I could just sit on my balcony and get room-service and still be content! (as long as my room had quick access to a bar )
  11. As others have mentioned, airport lounges are a great opportunity! But it really just depends on when you are sailing. If it is anytime this year, I would doubt it is possible to gain access to a lounge on your arrival (since most lounges are closed or limiting access as it is). Not to mention, the lounges are located in the terminals next to departure gates... you wouldn't be able to grab your bags and then head back in. (you could leave them on the turnstile... but that sounds riiiiiisky to me!) Military Hospitality Lounge is an option (if you have an honorable separation from military
  12. 100% this! I wear a mask for work everyday (including gowns, gloves and goggles ) I don't personally want to wear one when on vacation. I wouldn't mind wearing them in public spaces if it was required... but where is the line drawn? At the bar? In the theater? In the main dining room? We are heavy users of the UBP... might be a stinker to be constantly adjusting the mask to get my drink on. And don't even get me started on hand-washing...
  13. Hi! I found this info about Travel Router Blog on these forums. It might be of some help. Another thing to consider (besides the terms and conditions, which seems to prevent the unauthorized use of more than one person); Most smart phones/tablets have the ability to create a personal "hotspot". If one phone/tablet is connected, you may be able to connect through there without needing to buy a router.
  14. In search of a quality TA Last year we booked through a TA that was an authorized AMEX TA. We were hoping that it would mean we could get the same 5X the point bonus when booking, but sadly, in spite of this TA "assuring" it would qualify, it didn't. We got some other perks (like champagne and the same promo cruise credit that was offered online), just not the point bonus. This is a huge draw for us because it makes the difference between getting Medallion status with our airline. I reached out to the TA about a price adjustment, and he basically said there were long hold times an
  15. I’m an early riser (while my husband is a sleep-till-2 kinda guy ) WJ is the quickest and preferred place to grab a quick bite! We rarely (if ever) eat dinner there though. Usually only if we missed other options.
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