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  1. Thank you for pointing out my error. I purchased it last night when I was tired and thought it was just Surf. It is Surf and Stream. Thank you!
  2. I purchased the Deluxe Beverage package and Surf one device package for my cruise next month. Is there a way to upgrade from Surf to Surf and Stream with this?
  3. I apologize if this has been asked and answered before. I will be going on my first cruise for my birthday on May 13th. My travel agent booked me a great rate on a studio balcony room on Ovation of the Seas out of Seattle for an Alaskan cruise. My question is about WOW bands. I've seen posts about people getting them and using them instead of their SeaPass cards on the ship. My question is, can you purchase them in the cruise planner before the cruise, or do you have to buy them once you get on the ship? I would love to have one waiting for me when I got onboard, but would buy one onboard if I had to.
  4. Had a question for anyone that's ever cruised out of Amsterdam before. I'm considering doing a 12-night cruise out of Amsterdam that visits Iceland and Ireland in 2023. My question is about the cruise terminal and transportation. Will I have a problem there if I only speak English? I've had a layover at Amsterdam's airport before, but that is the extent of my knowledge of the area. Any help would be appreciated. TIA.
  5. I apologize for the possible noob question, but I know I'm going to have some OBC for my cruise next May, but am not entirely sure how much. Is there a way to check that on the cruise planner or somewhere else?
  6. I'm going on a Alaskan cruise for my birthday on Ovation of the Seas on May 13th. I swear there are times I'll log into the Cruise planner and I'll see bus tours of Seattle after the cruise gets back into port and then the next day, they're gone. Is this normal? Or has my mind just gone cruise happy?
  7. I booked an Alaskan cruise for my birthday week in May of 2022 on board the Ovation of the Seas. We make stops in Juneau, Skagway, Sitka in Alaska and Victoria, British Colombia in Canada. I've heard the shore excursions for Alaskan cruises can be pricy. Any recommendations for shore excursions in those locations that won't break the bank?
  8. I appreciate the feedback! I did want to hit the MDR at least once for dinner during the cruise, but I plan on spending the rest of my nights at the speciality restaurants! ?
  9. I'm leaning towards getting the UDP if the price is right. And it's a 6 night Caribbean cruse.
  10. So my sailing on Brilliance next June got changed to the Independence. I plan on getting the Ultimate Dining Package. As I've never cruised on the Independence before, what restaurants are must hit on the ship?
  11. My friend and I are taking our first cruise in June of 2021. We're stopping at Labadee, Haiti, Falmouth, Jamaica, and George Town, Grand Cayman. We're looking for ideas for shore excursions. I know we're casting a wide net here, but what are some ideas for first time cruisers? Tours? Snorkeling? Just wander the port?
  12. Just wanted to get some opinions. What do you think is better: Using a travel agent for your next cruise, or going to the Next Cruise Desk while onboard your ship? What are the pluses and minuses to each?
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