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  1. I used a laptop and had no issues, my DW used an ipad and was having problems keeping it propped up and it switching between the front and back cameras. This time around I think we will both use the laptop.
  2. Happy you got a good cruise! We were supposed to be on right now but my DW had a positive COVID test.
  3. Looking to possibly rent a car in Aruba. Has anybody had any experience good/bad? What rental car companies are near the port?
  4. I am supposed to be on it right now, but had to an el. Post on Facebook indicate they have made it to the last two port stops and also Mama Mia was performed last night. Hope that helps
  5. Well got rebooked today for a May 14th sailing in the Allure to the Southern Caribbean. After 4 no-gos crossing my fingers we can finally pull off a good cruise.
  6. We just booked this sailing after we had to cancel our Jan 22nd sailing
  7. My wife just tested positive and our hopes of a Jan 22nd cruise on the Allure are dashed. Hoping to get rebooked for a future date.
  8. My upgrade from an inside to a balcony was approved at the minimum bid
  9. Sorry about St. Thomas. I hope you still have an enjoyable cruise
  10. Fingers crossed that everything works out and you will have a great Christmas cruise
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