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  1. Thanks for the suggestions - I had no idea inflatable booster seats existed! But yeah, I will need something other than that for the little one. I will contact those transport companies suggested.
  2. My kids are 3 and 5, so in need of booster/ car seats while in a car. This will be the first cruise we've done since having kids. Just hoping for advice on best way to get from Orlando airport to Port Canaveral. Either: what is the best/ easiest/ quickest option without car seats (so this excludes car rental or Uber ....and maybe some shuttle services? I'm not sure yet.) OR - if it's just easier to rent a car, is there an option to store the car seats somewhere (perhaps for a reasonable fee) during a 7 day cruise? We are flying in the day before so would either book a hotel in Orlando or near Port Canaveral. I know there are shuttle packages that you can book, so part of my question is just wondering which of those/ if those are recommended. TIA!
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