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  1. Freedom Of The Seas September 20, 2020... anyone else on this one?
  2. If its on the menu im probably going to drink it!
  3. OHHH YOU BET IT IS! I was introduced to those on Harmony.. UMM yeah.. I don't remember much lol
  4. Nicely done Chris.. I just subscribed to your channel!
  5. Chances are that Chops may be closed on Embarkation Day due to the amount of Key Guests having Chops in the MDR.. I'd go to Giovannis 🙂
  6. Welcome! Harmony is a great ship.. We loved doing A b2b on her..
  7. Sorry.. You lost those Perks when you upgraded to a different category.. You will have a great view of the ocean though
  8. A tuxedo T-shirt says I'm formal.. but I'm here to party!
  9. Everything will be open with the exception of the shops.. Your vacation starts when you enter the gangway!
  10. It was doing that to me last night.. I was using my ipad . IM on my PC now and it seems to be fine
  11. I just kept doing dummy bookings to see if our cabin was available.. One morning it was.. I called Royal and just like that we had the same cabin for our B2B on Harmony this past September
  12. Same here.. I don't care what the shampoo is lol... I bring my own bar soap
  13. I fell in love with this "addiction" in 2016 after raising our son an paying off his student loans and a work accident that left me with a synthetic neck.. My wife is 48 and I'm 47.. Every extra dime that comes into our household goes to feed this cruising addiction we have.. While raising our son We couldn't afford to take a cruise.. and honestly I didn't have the desire.. This is the only vacation that you cannot do wrong.. Ill bust my ass 60-70 hours a week to pay for Jean and I to take a break and let us be ourselves.. We've seen Alaska, Cuba, and the western and eastern Caribbean itineraries. We're looking forward to the Southern Caribbean next year.. Ill bust my ass to make it work for us, I don't care if I have to work 70 hours a week to let my wife have one week of pleasure to be herself.. 😉
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