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  1. Ok y’all.. we’re having a sailaway party at the Sky Bar on deck 12 at 330 ship time.. everyone is welcome!
  2. Where is that in the app? I’ve been trying to find it..
  3. Man how things have changed.. Just a Couple of months ago I was on Symphony with my wife of 23 years.. Now I'm divorced stressed and needing a cruise! I cant wait to share my experiences with you all from my Pre-cruise Stay at the Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront to my week on Harmony being a newly single person.. Coming with me is My friend Lisa and Ill be meeting a few people that I've cruised with before.. No.. I don't have the dining package.. Drink Package on the other hand is a must.. I think its time to venture into the world of different cocktails, talk to strangers and hopefully entertain you all.. again its my first live blog.. Ill be shooting and blogging from my iPhone 12 Pro XR.. Hopefully ill figure out how to upload pics from my Phone.. Until Friday.. Peace Love and whatever crap you're into lol!
  4. Don’t worry about it.l you’ll show it a minimum of 40 times while boarding
  5. We were on the 11th cruise.. had a blast.. Kevin Philips in the pub was a riot every night. Landry (the comedian) was very cool too.. Seeing all my friends that I haven’t seen in two years was priceless!
  6. We’re on for your second leg, can’t wait to meet y’all! I was planning on doing a live blog, but it looks like you got it covered lol! Whoop whoop!
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