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  1. For me the Windjammer is like going to Walmart. Sometimes its a necessity but you really don't enjoy the experience lol
  2. We're on the week after the group cruise.. ughh lol
  3. I know 25 letters of the alphabet and I don't know Why..
  4. Did you know diarrhea is hereditary? It runs through your genes lol
  5. Cocktails with our Friends and FB group members during sail away
  6. We didn't do this through the ship.. WE flew into PC a couple of days before.. OMG.. We were there from open till 5 pm.. and still didn't see everything.. lol.. This 47 year old kid really loved it lol
  7. In Roatan we used Johan with real deal roatan.. what a day trip.. 🙂 We went from the favelas to the most expensive homes on the island... Then we got to do the Monkey and sloth tour too.. Highly Recommend them
  8. Do a one way rental through one of the companies.. stay in Cocoa beach (I prefer the Hilton) on the morning of your cruise just return it to the rental company and they will shuttle you to the ship.. 🙂
  9. So they're going to wait it out there? damn! That would be an awesome place to stay moored up to for 30 days
  10. So small that you have to leave your stateroom to change your mind lol.. I didn't mind it though. We're never in our room except to sleep and change clothes
  11. You'll be fine.. the vendors hawking their wares are the biggest problem.. They wanted to braid my hair and I'm a fat bald guy.. ughh lol
  12. That's something I haven't thought about.. I guess he'll just have to be a normal person for awhile lol
  13. Its showing $26.99 for our Freedom Cruise in September.. I don't see the need to buy it..
  14. Bro.. That's awesome! I wish more people would take after you!
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