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  1. A tuxedo T-shirt says "I'm formal but I'm here to party"!!
  2. Exactly I didn't serve in the US Army to "qualify" for discounts.. If theyre given and advertised then ill take them.. When I enlisted in 1989 that was the last though on my mind lol 🙂 FREE drinks for Veterans is a policy I could get behind! could you imagine the carnage at the bar? lmao
  3. We used Blexie last year.. It cost us130 CUC.. I was so impressed by his assistant Jorge that I tipped them an extra 30 cucs on top of the bill.. Message him on FB.. sometimes it takes a day or two for him to get back with you 😉 I actually own a bar in Key West.. Its called Ricks lol 😉
  4. Right now its 3 but that's subject to change.. lol Harmony September 8, Harmony Sept 15th and Freedom September 20, 2020
  5. Thanks @twangster that was really cool.. I think at this point in my life, I'm just going to stick with cruises.. We've only ben on one land based vacation since we started cruising (Gulf Shores AL for my brothers wedding). it was nice.. but we realized that land vacations aren't for us
  6. I did this last week.. one of our excursions dropped significantly so I just cancelled and rebooked.. It was especially easy since I had OBC to do it with
  7. I've been playing on my ipad for 2 weeks.. im at 30k loyalty coins.. but I cant figure out how to play on my pc..
  8. 547 more days for us.. Please post a review when you get back.. My wife and I would love to hear about your experiences
  9. If you want to see whales in Juneau, please check out Harv and Marvs. My wife and I used them and when we go back we'll use them again.. They Rock!
  10. im not on it.. but you're going to love that ship.. She's small with a BIG personality
  11. Harmony September 8, 2019 Harmony September 15, 2019 Freedom, September 20, 2020
  12. As it turns out she bought it as a gift for a friend in Skagway.. I don't know if they let her off the ship with it when we were in port.. But it was funny nonetheless lol
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