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  1. I'll never run myself ragged trying to do everything.. From now on im just going to relax..
  2. The one i'm going on next and the one i was on last..
  3. If you return it to the Miami Airport they will shuttle you to the port and back if you have your receipt. We just used a shuttle from the port back to the airport
  4. Atta boy Andy!! lol although I need to look for Havana Club Rum next time in in a non American port
  5. For us.. we have to buy a ship magnet.. I know its dumb.. but we have to litter the Fridge with them lol
  6. Check into a Hilton property.. Drink some Man Sodas.. Find a good burger joint..
  7. If we can get over this junk by September through Vaccinations then I see no need for a mask. Or those that aren't vaccinated should have to wear a mask..
  8. so we have 4 booked for 2021 later in the year.. 2 on Symphony and 2 on Harmony.. I was looking through the 2022 deployments and came across an 8 nighter on Mariner from PC going to Aruba, Curacao, the DR and Coco Kay.. Well the rates were reasonable for a Suite so I booked it for August 13th 2022..
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