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  1. They can just no show and pay that person.
  2. I had a great time while we were on Adventure OTS back in June. Our Bermuda cruise got rerouted to Canada ( got lost in the triangle..jk) due to a tropical storm. I thought at that time that I was glad that I was on that ship because I completely forgot that we were suppose to go to Bermuda. We had a great time!
  3. Probably trying out something something different. Same exact thing happened today during the long debark line. No announcements. Was on navigator
  4. I've look from the aqua theater towards the boardwalk room to also see if there's is a room (not aqua theater room) that has a good view of the aqua but I couldnt really find one. The cleanest view I think is deck 8,9,10 and maybe 12 but that might too high to see what's going down in the theater on either cabins x727 x327. From the picture below, deck 8 is the lowest balcony room
  5. This! The reaction is always priceless. I have waited almost 8 years to get into an Oasis class. It was worth the wait although I know I could have pulled the plug and went on a cruise much sooner but I was into the all inclusive resorts too and staying "in". Resorts are still fun but after getting into Symphony this past Feb, I just can't wait to get into another 1 this December. I specifically picked the "smaller" ships this past June and a cruise this Sept so I can hopefully experience how massive an Oasis class is. P.S. my wife and I are near Naperville.
  6. Its pretty simple. It's as you said, trip enhancements. Im willing to pay the JS price, actually my wife is willing for me to pay the JS price but I thought I'd compromise. She wants to get to diamond faster as bad as I do so I thought since we didn't really stay in the cabin to enjoy the suite for the past few cruises, I didn't think getting a JS is that much different than a non suite cabin. We only got it for the points. So I figured, to spend less, I'd rather book multiple cabins. It may only be 300 to $400 difference but it's still cheaper. Also, the cost of having to pay for beverage package or paying for a single drink multiple times a day would be reduced drastically if we have 4 drink voucher each (if drink vouchers continues). Plus the time it would take to get to diamond cut in half will also mean reduced cost overall since we do end up spending more on board in addition to what we already pay.
  7. For what we need it for, yes.
  8. I'm trying to get to diamond as fast as possible but also taking into consideration the cost of getting a suite for double points. My question is, can I book 2 interior rooms with single occupancy in each room and receive double points? Each room would be designated for my wife and I. I've seen some cruises with JS that cost more total vs occupying 2 single interiors
  9. Usually the Ship Time is stamped on the app which for Android is on the upper left corner. I follow that time to check in as soon as possible
  10. Is there a big holiday Sale coming up like the black Friday and cyber Monday deals?
  11. I usually do some research on hacks and tips regarding anything I'm about to do which in this case, cruising. I read somewhere that people were copying their passport or taking a picture of it when they go to different ports to avoid losing the real passport. If I was an officer at any port or ship, I wouldn't accept a copy or a photo of a passport but I was wondering if this is something that fellow cruisers do or if it's allowed?
  12. I made several attempts to purchase a drink package with snorkeling. I tried 15 times and was charge 15 times in credit card, although pending. I'm not concerned about the charges as it will be either deleted or refunded one way or another. I ended up removing an excursion my cart and just left the drink package in there and it did let me purchase it without issues. Because of the changes in itinerary, some of the excursion packages showing on the website is not actually being recognized by their automated system because they have not fully fixed the issue of switching port days and excursion days to match together causing the purchase error. They only have several packages available to view on RCL end that is available but we as customers are seeing all of it available and unavailable packages. You can purchase package that is not an port excursion otherwise.
  13. We have a boardwalk balcony currently at 9723 which isn't that far from the aqua theater and still has a good view of the ocean. But saw in deck 8 8727 available is the closer to the aqua theater, should I switch cabins ? I'm concerned about the noise. Also would going higher deck 10 and up be better as long as it's not an obstructed view?
  14. Can I bring my own store bought bread on board? I just have a very specific taste when it comes to bread..
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