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  1. Should be able to leave the luggage outside the stateroom the night before. Luggage for key members will be grouped together with other key members in port. Non-key members will have the luggages grouped in departure tag number in port.
  2. Lanyard! Look for those with a clip type. Have the guest service punch a hole on your seapass card and you can clip it to your lanyard. Great way to carry it around without having to worry able losing your card!
  3. I'd say for 3 to 5 nights cruise, you are more likely to break-even. Anything more than 5 nights, not worth it, financial-wise and health-wise. You really have to consume a ton of alcohol to break even. Even if we don't consider the alcohol, if you just consume soda, that's a lot of sugary beverage to feed our body. Worse if you order cocktails everytime.... It's both alcohol AND sugary stuff. It is bad for your health if you are going to drink that much every day for 7 days. After maybe 4 nights, you will find yourself drinking and ordering for the sake of drinking because you have to break the package even, otherwise you will waste your money. My advice is: For sailings less than 5 nights: Yes, get the Deluxe Beverage Package. It is convenient (you don't have to sign the check every time you order your drink) and you most probably can break even or even make package worth-while. For sailings more than 5 nights: Just pay for each drink. You will realize paying for each drink makes more financial sense after 4 or 5 nights because after 5 nights, you will lessen your drink intake due to fatigue. You won't be able to drink that much every single day. Just pay for each drink and your body will thank you after that.
  4. I'd say everything is pretty much the same while in port or during sea days. Except: 1. The specialty restaurants are not open for lunch during port days. 2. You may also find some activities or shops (shows, sales) not available while in port. 3. Casino is not operational while in port. However, you are still able to enjoy pretty much the same during port days. Depending on what you planning to do, you will find that cruise during port days are significantly less crowded than seas days. Usually, the ship will dock in the morning (around 8am?) until around 4:30pm (last boarding). But this may vary from port to port so check your cruise compass! Port visiting is almost hassle-free. Usually, you just need to scan your seapass card at the gangway and you are good to go.
  5. 9 - Chris_Wallace (Ovation of the Seas)
  6. @ABFrenchie @Matt @WAAAYTOOO That's sad to hear that they do not allow drinks package to work on wine dispenser. The drinks package should work for any drinks (under $12.00 of course) in all their proprietary bars and restaurants..... Even if it is the wine dispenser.... Or else it is not truly a "unlimited" drinks package.... I mean, it works for Bionic Bar too..... I was still thinking if i should take up the wine tasting class onboard... But i guess with my drink package, i could research and teach myself more about wines with all the "materials" i need and do not need to go for the actual class
  7. I have recently found out (maybe i'm tooo slow) that there are vending machine-like dispensers for wine in Vintages! Simply tap or swipe your SeaPass card on the dispensers and they will dispense the wine accordingly and in various volume like 2 oz or 5 oz. 2 oz is usually for wine tasting and 5 oz is usually for a full glass. The prices are usually like $6.00 for 2oz and $13.00 for 5oz, something like that. As we know Deluxe Beverage Package (DBP) covers drinks up to $12.00, are we allowed to utilize our package and dispense the same wine twice ($6.00 x 2) to get somewhat a full glass of wine instead of choosing the 5oz option and pay for that extra $1.00? Or they will not even allow you dispense the 2oz option and force you to get the 5oz option since you have the DBP and they know it is a way for you to get around and avoid paying the extra $1.00 for the $13.00 wine. I've seen 5oz wine selling for $15.00 to $20++ but the 2oz options are usually still within the $12.00 limit. Anyone has experience on this? Thanks!
  8. You wouldn't want to be on diet before cruise for 2 reasons: 1. Dieting shrinks your appetite. 2. Dieting for a period of time will make you feel full after eating just a small amount of food. On cruise, you really wouldn't want the 2 above to happen
  9. So does that mean I can bring the food from other places like Sorrento' or Windjammer and eat them in the pub while fully-utilizing my beverage package? Will I be told that "No food and drinks from outside is allowed"?
  10. They will most likely give you drinks voucher to enjoy drinks in any bars or lounge onboard.
  11. I have booked a sailing with Expedia (Travel Agent) but I think I'm much better off booking with RC directly! I mean if I were to choose Expedia or RC... Expedia provides virtually no help or benefits as a Travel Agent. They don't reply to your emails. Even if they did, the replies are those auto-generated ones. And when you turn to RC, they claimed they can't do anything or update anything for my booking because I have booked the sailing with Travel Agent. So basically none of them will (or can) answer my inquiries. I guess my best alternative for help and answers come on RoyalCaribbean blog, @Matt's podcast (EXTREMELY informative, LOVE IT) and the helpful contributors on this forum
  12. So I paid at these prices for the following for my upcoming trip on Ovations of the Seas this coming Apr 2018: 1. Deluxe Beverage Package: USD41.00 pp pn (purchased during sale, most current price is USD42.00) 2. Wonderland: USD49.00 pp (It was down from USD69.00!!!!!!!!) 3. Voom (2 devices): USD22.58 (On sale with 25% off) 4. Ripcord by iFly: USD29.00 pp (heard this is free for Quantum of the seas??) 5. All Access Ship Tour: USD109.00 (used to be USD99.00 if i'm not wrong...) Other observations: Chops is up from USD39 to USD 42! I observed that shore excursion prices are up by a small margin compared to last year
  13. So jealous of you guys! At least you guys still get to choose between paid or complimentary shows.... My cruise planner still doesn't have the options to reserve Entertainment on my trip yet.... Only 34 days left till my trip on the Ovation!
  14. WOW @twangster that's certainly a high-leveled observation there!
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