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  1. Thank you both. no the 4th person would not be on the FCC. I'll speak to my TA about this all and see how much leeway they can get us, they've been very good so far. It would be far less complicated if the August cruise goes ahead, I can still dream right?
  2. Thanks Waaaytooo, seems to be a bit of a mindfield doesn’t it. Changing tact slightly, Going the opposite direction - I’m wondering if I added a fourth person to a single cabin (to join us original 3) would I still have to pay for the ‘new 4th’ guest even if the FCC covered the entire cost of the cabin? If i could use the FCC for the fourth guest as well, i might be able to upgrade the cabin category etc. If all else fails, I think it would have to be just be a good old fashioned refund!
  3. Thank you both for your responses so far. In respect of payment, the whole cruise was paid by myself, if that makes a difference. The reason i ask is that we're looking at 3 additional family members coming with us if we rebook, but it would only be a 7 nighter so significantly cheaper. We would be looking at 3 cabins (2 pers per cabin) in total, and I was wondering if we could split the FCC between those three cabins if each of us (me, wife, youngest son who were on the original booking) each went into separate cabins (my eldest son (23) would happily room with his 8 year old brother). If the FCC was disproportionate between the 3 of us, then that might make it difficult to utilize the full FCC across the 3 cabins of the same cabin category etc . Not trying to cheat the system, i just want to make an informed decision if and when the offer of the FCC comes through.
  4. Hi all I've searched through but couldn't get the answers to my FCC questions, appols if its an obvious answer. We have a fully paid August cruise which i'm still clinging on to hope that will go, but it's looking unlikely. 1 cabin for the 3 of us, me, my wife and our youngest (8), on a 14 night cruise. The price split on the Royal's invoice is as follows: Guest 1 (me) Cruise fare £2000 (no discount) paid £2000 Guest 2 (wife) Cruise fare £2000 with £1000 discount, so paid £1000 Guest 3 (child) Cruise fare £1000 with £200 discount, so paid £800 If the cruise gets cancelled by Royal, I think i'm right in saying we'll be offered a FCC at 125% each, with the child's being transferable as he's under 12?. So assuming that is the case, do i then get a single FCC for £2500, my wife a separate FCC for £1250 and finally a third separate but transferable FCC for our son at £1000? Or is the amount evenly split between the three of us - ie we each get a single FCC for £1583? The answer to this then will give me another question or two, but rather than list every possibly scenario i'll wait for clarification from you lovely people first. Many thanks in advance Adam
  5. Thanks again everyone - looks i’vr no reason not to book this cruise then ? ?
  6. Thanks Teddy & AGSLC5, that’s really put my mind at ease. ??
  7. It sort of helps sort lol! I had a look here on the RC UK website and it says 18 or over for gambling - just don’t know if that’s the same all over! I thinking it is...fingers crossed!
  8. Friend just advised me that he thought minimum gambling age on RC was 18 - I assumed it was 21 like alcohol min age etc Can anyone confirm?
  9. Thank you both - really helpful
  10. Hi folks, hope everyone is well. Can anyone advise if our 20 year old son is allowed in the casino and night clubs (on a Caribbean cruise - I know it’s different over here in Europe). He’s not a drinker so no issue there, but he would like to go into the casino with us (understand he can’t gamble) and the night club with his older brother etc Thanks in advance Adam
  11. Neither can i, despite what my eyes will be telling me
  12. I asked on RC on Twitter if it was included in the UDP and was advised we’d only get $20 each.
  13. Yep they are all back on the UK site too ?. Was just having a check and on the 24th sailing you can still get boardwalk balcony cabin for £450 pp ($580) approx - which seems like a good deal to me - and it’s cheaper than both an interior and sea view room.
  14. Would be great to meet the famous Twangster on board ?? - we can buy you a drink and ask you yet more questions about cruising!!!
  15. Yes twangster, I'm in a Crown Loft suite. Actually you can me some very helpful advise about CLS before i actually booked this cruise
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