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  1. Thank you both - just found this via the power of google - so looks like it’s from 15th March to 7th May which would would tie in to what your both saying
  2. Hi all Does anyone know when in 2020 Explorer is due to be amped? I’m sure it’s been mentioned on here before but can’t seem to find it. Many thanks Adam
  3. Crocs??? Noooo - hideous things When we was on Adventure in April there was a chap who wore crocs with socks. Lovely chap he was - despite his horrendous footwear combo 😁
  4. Yes likewise Joe. I’m relatively new to Cruising and I’m very surprised at the way this has been handled - and to increase costs of the only other RC ship sailing out of Southampton for the same period is terrible. They really have scored a massive own goal with the UK customers.
  5. Awful isn’t it. The RCI UK Facebook page was appalling yesterday. First they publish that they cancelled all the Indy sailings as we know - in favour of Cococay cruises, which obviously caused uproar - then couple hours later they stick up a massive post promoting Cococay - talk about rubbing it in. There is some very annoyed customers out there and rightly so.
  6. That is terrible. Feel for those who have already booked, they probably had great deals - and will now be fleeced when trying to rebook. Poor show
  7. The cost of sailing out of Southampton is exceptionally high, so much so that I have also been looking at flying across to Barcelona to sail from there in 2020 - even with flights and an overnight stay it works out cheaper. However...since yesterday the price of the cruise I was looking at (from Barcelona in Aug 2020) on Allure has suddenly increased over night by £210 ($280 approx) per person! Barcelona is obviously nearest RC departing port to Southampton and Royal will be fully aware that they will probably get some knock on bookings as a result of moving Indy out of the UK, the fact they have pushed prices up for these sailings is pretty calculated in my opinion.
  8. A widget Guinness isn’t too bad - I’ve actually got the Guinness Surger unit at home which replicates the ‘surge’ when combined with the specific Guinness Surger cans - still no replacement for a well poured pint tho!
  9. Yes Twangster, it was from Southampton. So maybe a departing UK thing? I assume then that I should not expect to see draft Guinness available when we are on Adventure in a couple of weeks time!
  10. They had Guinness on tap in the pub on Indy last summer. However it wasn't poured correctly for either of the 2 pints I tried. Maybe I should of had a word with the barman and advised him how it's meant to be poured (rather than just straight up) but the bar was far too busy.
  11. Lol - thanks tho Spiralqueen - least I know for definite now!
  12. Thanks Twangster, very helpful as always
  13. Suite guests don’t get access to Sun deck? I thought it was Jnr Suites that didn’t get access?
  14. Loving this thread - will try and try all of them out on Adventure in early April #whatthedrinkspackageismadefor 😀
  15. Thanks Matt & Tiny260, good ideas and very helpful as always
  16. Hi all, seeking advice! We're looking at doing a RC organsied post cruise excursion when we dock at Fort Lauderdale (to avoid carting our suitcases around for half the day!) however in the t&c's it states the following: This tour is available to guests with flights departing from Fort Lauderdale airport at 2:30pm or later for domestic flights and 3:30pm or later for international flights. We are flying back to the UK at 3:10 - so technically before the earliest time for an international flight, however we are flying Delta via ATL so i'm thinking that the first leg is essentially a domestic flight and the tour would therefore be ok? Anyone have any experience of this at all - or failing that can make a suggestion or two as to what to do in Fort Lauderdale whilst carrying luggage Thanks in advance
  17. Thanks Matt, very helpful as always
  18. Wondering how this works then. Reading through the T&C's it says no contra betting on Roulette/Bacarat, that is understandably but it also says that all chips have to 'played through' ? I'm assuming that simply put this means placed as a bet? So would I be right in thinking that: If you bet a promotional $50 chip (on an even money bet) and win, croupier will take the promotional chip and then give you winnings as $100 of normal chips and as such that $50 has now been played through. Or am i barking up the wrong tree!
  19. Just browsing through possible future cruises as you do! ...and have noticed that a couple of the European itineraries include overnight stays in a port (Barcelona on one, Seville on another). Having not seen this before I wondered how it works. Are you free to leave the ship the day you arrive and do as you please until the 'back on board' time the following day? In other words remain off the ship for the night? And almost the reverse of this - can you get back onboard late at night or even in the early hours or is there a curfew? TIA Adam
  20. Thanks tiny260, very helpful. Good spot on your price drop too 👍🏼
  21. Slight deviation on the topic - but do the prepaid tips cover the speciality restaurant packages as well?
  22. It’s gone up by £20 (approx $26) each over night - so glad I took the plunge 👍🏼
  23. Thanks Waaaytoo Thats really helpful. We’ve gone ahead and booked it (the UDP obviously!) although it does sound like an awful lot of lovely food to get through! We’ll give a good go tho i’m sure!!
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