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  1. The sailings for the Nov 24, Dec 1 & Dec 8 are back and available to be booked on the RC website..... 🙂
  2. Thanks, Matt! Hoping you are right!! If you're not worried....I'm not worried (ok, I'm a little worried....)
  3. I don't have a good feeling......but if they tell us soon we could get booked on another ship.....
  4. I am booked on Oasis December 1 (second sailing after drydock) just noticed that the first 3 sailings after drydock are no longer available for booking. Freaking out a little that these sailings will be canceled....trying not to be paranoid but......not working. Any insight? This is affecting the first 3 sailings after dry dock....I know Matt Hochberg is booked on the November 24th sailing because I've heard him speak of on the podcast. I will be so sad if my sailing is canceled......
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