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  1. Hello Carley, Someone with more experience please feel free to correct me but from what I understand entertainment bookings open up at 90 days prior to sailing. Prior to that it continues to remain unavailable through the cruise planner. Unless you're Suite, Key, or high CA Members then walk-ins are not recommended due to seating limitations of some venues. Reservations are always preferred especially for things like the comedy show. I can't speak to how quickly things fill I'm sure there's fluctuation due to demand but I have heard of people setting alarms to wake up at midnight on night 90 to get their preferred seating/times. I haven't met anyone who personally did this but I've read some threads of those who swear by it. Best of luck!
  2. Most people consider 15K a lot of money, and want to protect their investment. It's great you found some excursions that aren't requiring a deposit, but that's more exception than norm. Corky - I will absolutely let you know how it goes!
  3. If the ATV is defective, and they keep your deposit, then dispute the charge with your credit card company and with Royal Caribbean. Take photos and the names/numbers of your fellow cruise/ATV tourists in case you need them as a witness. As these are companies booked through Royal there is a relationship there and if cruise guests were being charged their deposit for a bum ride then I'm sure those cruisers and ATV riders would be extremely vocal on all forums, and Royal would sever the 'shady' relationship. I've rented almost everything with wheels at some point, and a lot of things not, and its customary for a deposit to be held on a card. I've had them personally range from $100 - $2000. I've never once had a company try to claim a deposit for faulty equipment, which I did have happen twice. FWIW I've booked the ATV tour for my group in San Juan for December '19, should be fun.
  4. Flights in general have gone up as the amount of flying aircraft have gone down with the 737 MAX grounding. At the airport near me they've outright canceled three routes due to plane shortages.
  5. There's conflicting information all over about this from the child's age to the circumstances. Some say the grandfather was holding her, other reports say she slipped through an open window. It's too soon to make judgments.
  6. Thank you so much! I knew check-in didn't begin until around 10 but had hoped maybe to leave my luggage, ah well. We'll tour Miami a bit. On the flip side I see Terminal A is approx. 8.6 miles from the airport, and that's about a 3 hour walk, and I do have wheels on my suitcase. Thanks again.
  7. Hello all! Long time lurker, first time poster, going on my first cruise in December on Oasis out of Miami. My question is about luggage drop off which I understand can be done via porters at Terminal A, but how early can that be done? My flight gets in at 6AM and it would be nice to be able to drop off my luggage at the Miami terminal and then walk around without it to kill a few hours, but can't seem to find how early they accept baggage. Any advice appreciated!
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