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  1. 1702 and 1756 have noticeably smaller balconies than the rest, but otherwise the differences are minimal.
  2. There's no guarantee that pricing will change at any given time. The best advice is to book whatever package, excursions, or items you are wanting at a price that you're willing to pay for them. There is always the chance it will come down, but it can also go up. In the case of it going down you are able to cancel your order/reservation and re-book at the lower price without penalty. In the case of it going up just be glad you booked it when it was lower. Best of luck!
  3. @Corky441 as promised we did do the ATV excursion through Carabali. There was another for Camp Rico as well but I cannot speak to that. As for the machines used they were in rough shape. In fact mine would not go into 4x4 and I got stuck in the mud on one of the trails which was actually the most fun part. If you're the type who wants new, pristine, carefully maintained equipment this would not be a tour for you. The stops were beautiful and we took a dip in a very lovely, clear river. Painted ourselves with rocks and minerals, and then got shots at the bar after. There is a shuttle/bus that takes you from the port to the venue and its about a 30-40 minute ride. The bus had AC and was comfortable also taking us back to port after the excursion. He makes two stops on the way back one near a shopping area close to port and one back to port directly. It was a blast but don't go expecting nothing to go wrong. As I said I did get stuck for a bit until I was pushed out, and another ATV decided it didn't want to go into gear after a stop. Quick fix but my group is generally mechanically inclined and unphased by the odd breakdown in the jungle. If things like that concern you however I'd choose another excursion. All in all I would do it again without hesitation. It says long pants required but they are more of a suggestion. It does get hot by your legs and you can burn yourself if you're not careful in shorts. They will turn you away if you don't have closed toed shoes and your drivers license. As for the deposit I didn't pay attention. Upon check-in they took my drivers license and a credit card and sent me on my way to pet the cats. Did I mention there were cats? About six of the friendliest little barn cats. I would've paid the money just to pet them all day. On my current credit card statement I have no charges from Carabali so if there was a hold it fell off quickly.
  4. No, but at least in my planner it's offering a 'preview' of the Black Friday sales.
  5. Black Friday Sales aren't exactly sales anyway, all comes down to the bottom line. I can preview Black Friday Sale items which show the Refreshment package for $20 for my Dec sailing. Of course I can currently buy it for $17...
  6. Uber, Lyft, Taxi, and if I recall there's some shuttles. We're doing something similar renting from Budget who have a free shuttle from the Port of Miami to their Port rental counter and dropping off at the Miami airport. So that might also be an option for you as well.
  7. The classes and activities are not included and are an additional charge. Is this the generic' listing you're referring to? I think it spells out the perks and amenities nicely. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-are-the-benefits-of-the-suites-program
  8. If there is not one offered on the general menu you should be able to order one from Chops for an up-charge as a premium selection, but it depends on the ship if that is available.
  9. It's considered an a la carte venue like Izumi. So while you may get the $35 credit it won't be all inclusive.
  10. If I recall, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, these reservations need to be made once on board.
  11. Someone else found it on social media and posted it to CC, I'm just sharing it here.
  12. RaĆ­ces perhaps? 315 Calle Recinto Sur, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico
  13. I found this if its helpful as well.
  14. Not me but pulled from CC. Also on the Dec 8th sailing and I'm going to go glass half full and they disappeared to re-categorize rooms and will be back soon.
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