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  1. Thank you so much for the info @JasonOasis & @Kosslerj.
  2. My son and I love seafood and want to go to Hooked Seafood on Wonder of the Seas when we go on our upcoming cruise. My husband agreed to come with us but he hates seafood. Has anyone dined at Hooked Seafoods before? Do you know if they offer a steak or chicken entree option? Thank you so much!
  3. Thank you so much WAAAYTOO! I really appreciate the info! ?
  4. Hi everyone! I am going on my first cruise on Harmony of the Seas June 2022. I am super excited and looking into what specialty restaurants to pre-book. With the specialty restaurants, do you only get one app, entrée and dessert or does it work like the complementary restaurants and you can order multiple items on the menu to try multiple apps, desserts, etc? Also, if you don't eat all of your food do they let you get the remaining to go? Late night snack in your room? ? Thanks so much! Jess
  5. Uplift was missing from the website when I tried to purchase my cruise. I had to call Royal Caribbean directly and they said they were able to process uplift over the phone, you just need to request that payment option when you speak to the rep. Hope this helps. ?
  6. Thanks! I called them and was able to get $410 off my cruise! ?
  7. My cruise is scheduled for July 2022. I can purchase dining, beverage, internet and Cococay items but nothing else is available. I called Royal Caribbean and they said that shore excursions as well entertainment, spa, etc. on the ship will start to be available for purchase 9 months before your cruise. ?
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