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  1. Ahh I see. I just got a note that gave more explanation. Thanks for all your help!
  2. We got tags labeled the key, one only with spaces for name and stateroom. The other with spaces for full address. I am just worried that if we leave them out tonight, they will not be found again.
  3. We got tags, two for each person, but they are not like the ones I got last year. I presume that there is an area for key luggage?
  4. Would anyone happen to know if you leave your bags out the night beforehand or if you bring all your luggage with you to the key departure breakfast then leave? All I know is we have choice departure and a breakfast.
  5. This was definitely not an event I expected to wake up to or see out my balcony window this morning. Legend has just sailed off so they dont seem to be in tremendous trouble. Hopefully the Glory is able to finish off her cruise.
  6. @mworkman definitely will do this as soon as possible. Worked for us on the Symphony last year so I don't see why it wouldn't this year on the Oasis.
  7. Good afternoon, I am hoping some people might be able to help ease my fears so to speak. I have booked the 3 night dinner package, which requires me to make specific reservations once I get on the ship. What concerns me is that the cruise planner is saying availability is limited. Are dining package reservations taken into account when the look at availability?
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