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  1. I am from Vancouver, and yes it is extravagant to take a private SUV, but you can take a taxi for 35-40 if travelling from the airport to downtown Vancouver or take a limo from the airport for about $60 Canadian.
  2. One set price, it is either 6.95 or 9.95 per person but this does not include drink as per the website and the above comments.
  3. JLMoran, my family will be in the Mar 17th FOTS cruise. Looking forward to it.
  4. L454S, thank you for the info. I dont want to waste the OBC on unimportant things (for me) like photo packages, or spa treatments.
  5. I am going on the FOTS in March, 2018 and have not cruised in years with RCI. I am wondering if the free onboard credit given by RCI can be used to pay for the gratuities. I was not given a lot of OBC, and am willing to pay for the difference, of course. Any advice/knowledge would be truly appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Hey RC Blog members, I am going on the Freedom for an 8 night cruise in March and am definitely looking forward to it. I was wondering about bring a case of pop each for 2 people and the policy from Royal Caribbean. The website says that alcohol will be confiscated if you bring in more than two bottles of wine or champagne. It does not mention soda pop or water bottles, so can I bring either soda on board? Thanks for the future advice and answers.
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