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  1. When I booked Harmony for November of 2021 I got an OVB for $798pp.. I just checked the other day as I was thinking of upgrading to a suite.. The same cabin is now $1443pp and the cost of a suite is almost as much as my Ram lol..
  2. If and when we cruise out of NOLA.. I think ill drive down.. Its a straight shot down I55 from STL.. Google maps has it at 9 hours and 35 minutes.. Ill bet I can beat that by 35 minutes lol... But ill drive down the day before or even two days before.. I need Boudin and some Crawfish Etouffee.. lol
  3. The Blue Lagoon excursion with access to the Dolphin and Stingray habitat is pretty fun
  4. She's a great ship.. but I'm biased.. She was the first ship we ever sailed on I loved the Solarium pool and hot tubs..
  5. That's true.. Being Landlocked here in the Midwest we cant do 3 day cruises either.. Airfare is more than the cruise would be
  6. I would. with the two cruises we have planned next year it will make us diamond.. Maybe a weekender to get the extra point you need?
  7. Y Most lunches you can just walk right in.. We did this with Sabor and Jamies You can make all of your reservations at any specialty restaurant the day of embarkation. Absolutely! We had apps at 150 CP, Dinner at Chops, and dessert at Jamies Yes Johnny Rockets is included Don't forget to try Izumi Hibachi!
  8. We have it.. I use points for OBC or Cruise discounts..
  9. You can keep the same room if its available.. If not your cabin steward will move everything to your new room.. Yes.. Technically you have to disembark so they can get down to a zero count. When we did a B2B on Harmony, they led us off the ship.. through customs and back on.. There's always a meeting for consecutive cruisers where they let you know where and when to meet, if your getting off the ship for any reason. and the process for Re-boarding.. Honestly I wasn't impressed with how it was handled on Harmony. Guests were already getting on before we cleared customs..
  10. Sorry.. as much as I love my wife.. there's no way I could spend 17 hours in a car with her having to pee once every hour.. lol.. Ill take my chances with flying lol
  11. Last September we did a B2B on Harmony.. We met so many cool people that have become lifelong friends and cruise friends.. That's 90% of what cruising is all about.. We cruised on Empress in 2018.. Struck up a conversation with some older folks who ended up being from STL like us.. As it turns out they knew my brothers.. One of the guys turned out to be my old high school buddy's dad.. I actually spent many nights at their house when I was a teenager... That was pretty awesome to re-connect and become part of the "family" again lol
  12. We lifted and shifted from Freedom September 2020. to Symphony in September 2021.. The app says im going to Bermuda on a 5 nightery.. Instead of a 7 nighter on Symphony..
  13. I have a feeling that once your cruise is a go... Your Meh will become a HOLY CRAP WE'RE GOING ON A CRUISE!!!
  14. Not really.. Its a sarcastic thread anyway lol
  15. Do you all know when I might find out if my Royal Up bid was accepted? I just bid $200.00 for the owners suite on Symphony!
  16. Its funny how you can have 5000 people on a ship and 20 will always find something to complain about.. Case in point.. September 15, 2019 on Harmony.. We were on the second part of a B2B.. We had the time of our lives.. another couple not too much.. His review is up on that other site.. There were about 40 of us from our FB Group that had a blast.. and this guy thought he was entitled to the world. Ughh.. He actually complained because it rained at Coco Kay.. I'm just like WTH?? you're in a pool or on a beach surrounded by water and you're complaining about rain?? ughh
  17. Hopefully Freedom will make her return to San Juan so we can see the ABC islands that we were supposed to be on in 15 days
  18. Just go to www.willmycruisehappen.com It has a lot of information that you may find helpful
  19. This is how I grew to love a Lamb Shank, Lamb Chops and something for dessert lol
  20. Hopefully they wont overheat like the one we were on in 2016 lol.. we had to go all the way back and they had to change locomotives..
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