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  1. Same here.. I don't care what the shampoo is lol... I bring my own bar soap
  2. I fell in love with this "addiction" in 2016 after raising our son an paying off his student loans and a work accident that left me with a synthetic neck.. My wife is 48 and I'm 47.. Every extra dime that comes into our household goes to feed this cruising addiction we have.. While raising our son We couldn't afford to take a cruise.. and honestly I didn't have the desire.. This is the only vacation that you cannot do wrong.. Ill bust my ass 60-70 hours a week to pay for Jean and I to take a break and let us be ourselves.. We've seen Alaska, Cuba, and the western and eastern Caribbean itineraries. We're looking forward to the Southern Caribbean next year.. Ill bust my ass to make it work for us, I don't care if I have to work 70 hours a week to let my wife have one week of pleasure to be herself.. šŸ˜‰
  3. Welcome to the group! We just went to Cozumel last month.. loved it!
  4. I always refer to Empress as "old school cruising" The rooms are essentially for sleeping and showering.. You wont find the bells and whistles on many of the larger ships.. We absolutely loved her.. The staff are top notch and there's more of a communal vibe on her since you'll pass the same folks all day.. Its easy to be social on Empress.. My favorite part about her was the back door going out of Boleros where you have a great view of the sea and its a really awesome spot to watch your sail away from.. Keep in mind that this is a smoking area so that if you don't like to smell smoke then I would suggest staying away from this area. If you have My Time dining you might be sharing a table with 8 other shipmates.. It makes it fun.. We had dinner with the same people pretty much every night of our cruise..
  5. We were on that cruise with you.. Man those last two days were the roughest I can ever remember.. I enjoyed reliving that time with you.. Thanks Ty! Whoop Whoop!
  6. Harmony can get chaotic on embarkation day.. Just be patient.. By day 2 we had our favorite places mapped out and were able to have a blast
  7. My wife works for the aerospace company too lol šŸ™‚
  8. Absolutely you can take an Uber to the port.. šŸ™‚ The driver will have no need to see your passports and Set Sail Pass..
  9. Hard Seltzer= Zima from the 90's lol šŸ˜‰
  10. I've always booked everything on my own.. Now with the logistics of Getting from STL to Tokyo, a hotel stay, transportation to the port. Then a flight from SEA-STL is a bit more that I can figure out
  11. Im looking at a Transpacific in May of 2021.. I'll Probably book onboard to take advantage of reduced deposits.. @michelle could I transfer this booking to you after we come home? Also I have to admit that I'm a little overwhelmed on what we should do in Tokyo as far as getting to the port and finding a place to stay.. Could you help us with that?
  12. I loved Empress.. Just keep in mind that its more about the cruise experience than it is about ziplines, escape rooms, etc..
  13. They love gifts of Green.. Crew usually don't have very much room to store things as they live in cramped quarters. Their pay is minimal. Many send most if not all of what they make back home.
  14. Congrats Matt!! I love this site..
  15. I was just diagnosed with PCE.. as of right now Iā€™m unable to travel. The doctor said it may get better in the next 43 days, I have a follow up appointment on September 8th with Doctor HOTS . please help me through these trying times.. Pre Cruise Excitement is a disease lol
  16. I use the app for playing Blackjack.. Its a time waster just like any other game.. so far I have enough coins for 5 cruises worth of 100 in OBC, but they are only available for new bookings only.. All of your apps can be linked through Facebook..
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