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  1. We were on the 11th cruise.. had a blast.. Kevin Philips in the pub was a riot every night. Landry (the comedian) was very cool too.. Seeing all my friends that I haven’t seen in two years was priceless!
  2. We’re on for your second leg, can’t wait to meet y’all! I was planning on doing a live blog, but it looks like you got it covered lol! Whoop whoop!
  3. I’m hearing that is going to be 30-35%..
  4. The most sage advice I've ever been given is not to try to do everything. You'll stress and freak out trying to fit it all in Relax.. you're supposed to be on a stress free vacation Go where the day takes you.. Watch the sun set over the horizon.. Clink Glasses with your new found friends.. enjoy conversations.. Try foods you normally wouldn't.. Don't be afraid to dance, sing, and act like a dork lol ?
  5. I just put in a sizable bid for one on our September 11th cruise ?
  6. Any of y’all doing a B2B? We’re on the week after
  7. 90 days till our Symphony Cruise.. Online check in not available.. I wonder when it will open @Matt do you have the magic 8 ball to see when it may become available? lol
  8. In September of 2019 i had my phone in airplane mode with wifi turned on.. as soon as i walked through the gate to Coco Kay my phone started pinging, buzzing and i started to receive texts.. I looked at my wifi settings and there was an ATT hotspot on the island.. So since it was free and i didnt have voom i did a few live vids on FB lol
  9. about 20 of us that have cruised together before are on this one!
  10. I miss talks about Gratuities, How bad the Windjammer is, Should I buy the Deluxe Beverage package.. And is it appropriate to wear cargo shorts on your cruise!
  11. Dr Alex Garza in St. Louis said that vaccinated people have to keep wearing a mask because “we don’t want to create a society of hives and have nots” ughh
  12. The only reason I’ve been vaccinated is because I want to cruise again.. This CDC crap has to end.. Ohh wait.. They don’t want it to end!
  13. Come join us for an awesome time!
  14. I have friends in their 20’s getting vaccinated in PR
  15. I just got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Friday.. My arm is sore but other than that I'm fine.. Normally I'm ant-vax (wont ever get a flu shot) but if it gets us back on a ship mask free then I've done my part..
  16. If you get the chance to go, do not hesitate.. The first thing you should do when you get there is the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit.. All i can say is OMG what an experience
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