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  1. Even if I used a FCC for my booking?
  2. I'm with you. I hope my job lifts my 14 day quarantine too but not holding my breathe. Already told my manager I'm going if they sale and not to expect me back for 3 weeks I have the Vaca time since literally every one of my other plans got squashed Cruiseliners will not survive going 8+ months without revenue. Expect to see ships being sold and iteniaries canceled if they cancel the rest of 2020.
  3. So my TA called royal today and they said if royal cancels the cruise then I am eligible for a 100% refund.....literally everything you guys have said is opposite that. I'm so lost πŸ˜”
  4. NYC is looking great compared to Florida right now...oh how the tables have turned
  5. I'm 50/50 with October happening just got an email today saying I'll have to quarantine for 14 days after international travel so now looks like I'll be taking 3 weeks of vaca off at one time
  6. I'm with you wish they wait till end of July and see what the CDC says and what the world looks like then. I know Florida seems to jsut be peaking now so I wouldn't be shocked if fall cruising is the start. My cruise is October 26 and I just pray it will happen
  7. Geeze that's still confusing. Well guess all I can hope for is that they extend the date to 2022 bc we will be screwed next year
  8. Not sure how any of these lines will survive if we go 10 months without sailing. I know they have loans and what not but they have got to be scared. I heard books for 2021 are up past their normal numbers but still can't help but think some major things may happen for them to survive. Wonder whatever happened to politicians supporting the cruiseliners...now would be a good time for someone to start telling the CDC to back off Cant believe I can book a Disney trip eat outside go to a movie theater get my hair done and fly on a plane but cruising is still the end all be all enemy.
  9. Just trying to get my ducks in a row in case this happens Our may cruise was canceled we took the future cruise credit and booked for October. What happens if were canceled again do we get the option of a refund or are we forced to take another FCC? We took the cruise planner credit as well. I'm assuming there's not a shot in hell we'd get a refund for that but we won't be cruising in 2021 due to hopping to be starting our family
  10. That's definatly a headache. I have an end of October cruise out of fort Lauderdale as well. I'm hoping October will be a whole new story. I'm stressed as we won't be cruising at all next year ( or atleast hoping to be pregnant and won't pass 20 weeks) so stressful. I hope we'd get a redund
  11. I'm beginning to worry about my October 24 cruise. There's no comparable lift and shift for us but I used a FCC as well from our cancelled may 13 sailing. I'd be curious if we could lift and shift to may ... But also what happens if royal cancels but you used a FCC (from a royal canceled cruise) and got the cruise planner credit? If October is canceled for us I'd just want a refund as we're planning on starting a family next year
  12. The Norwegian boards on FB are lighting up apparently they have frozen some august September and October cruises. Nothing's officially canceled yet but passangers no longer have access to their equivalent of the cruise planner
  13. Call after 10pm you'll get right through
  14. No email confirmation just a thank you for submitting your form for the credit window
  15. We did Margaritaville last stay in fort Lauderdale (hotel is technically Hollywood Florida) everything you need right in site. Adult pool, kids pool, beach, loungers, bar, reasturants, boardwalk with live entertainment at night
  16. So what's light blue...no known opening yet?
  17. So I opted for the 125% credit and have been booking an canceling things with ease as the price drops. Once you cancel an item the obc automatically credits back then you came rebuy whatever you want It's awesome especially in these times when refunds are taking so long
  18. @Jencendiary I wish you luck on your journey. In order to stop people from going to other countries you ah e to shut down business and airlines...hmm even more out of work. Airlines brought this virus world wide not cruising. Seeing as the world didn't shut down airlines yet I think your journey is at a stand still. Let's not even touch on the fact that it takes at minimum 4 years to properly develop a vaccine. Who wants to be a guinea pig for a virus that's been thrown together in months barely tested correctly and no known long term effects...I'll let you be first in line for that one . i'll be cruising
  19. Even a ear like your proposing would be detrimental. Thousands more will loose their jobs . Millions on unemployment. Very scary picture your painting.
  20. @Jencendiary your scenario does bode well for the thousands of people who depend on tourism for a living...that's entire countries mind you. We can't quarantine forever that will kill more then covid.
  21. I ended up having to cancel my thrill water park tickets and rebuy both thrill and coco Beach together to by pass their calander restraints πŸ™„ 58 is the lowest Iv eve seen. In my canceled cruise they were liek 199 😳. I'm not even sure we want to go but we had the extra OBC I figured we can cancel later but right now it's a steal. We've done thrill water park last trip (2 30 year olds) and finished in a few hours then went to Oasis pool for the rest of the day. That's why I feel like we have time for both. But last trip only one ship was at port and this time we have two so a private pool with a guaranteed chair is nice to have
  22. I'm trying to book both on my cruise planner as their both $52 a day. We've never done the beach club and we have a ton of obc from our canceled cruise It's not letting purchase both on cruise planner. It's saying there's a calandar conflict. Can you really not do both?
  23. I think it's a good thing they canceled these sailings as royal has stAted they are starting with a limited fleet. This just helps them narrow down which ships to start with.
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