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  1. We will cruise before they have a vaccine. I feel there are some people who are enjoying this country being shut down but not us.
  2. CruzOnBye, I like your posting of upcoming sailings and past sailings!
  3. Do the drink packages ever get cheaper than 30% off? Or the Bundle & Save is now at 35% off we are going on the 7 Night Western Caribbean Holiday Cruise on Adventure of the Seas. Thanks in advance.
  4. A couple we have gone cruising with said they heard something about anyone over the age of 70 would need a Doctor's letter saying they are in good health and can travel. Anyone else hear this?
  5. Can anyone suggest a nice hotel to stay the day before (and night after) our cruise in January in Orlando, FL? Will have adult kids and two grandkids.
  6. I'm more worried about taking the airplane flight since the air is recycled. I think we will be wearing masks on the plane.
  7. I would hope so. We just finished our cruise the first part of February. Had an appointment with my doctor and he suggested that I cancel our next three cruises. He said this virus isn't going away any time soon. We're still planning on going and taking our chances.
  8. What are some beaches you'd recommend for Roatan, Honduras? Is there a 'must do or see'?
  9. Do we need to bring our own daubers to Bingo? Or is it all electronic now? Thanks in advance.
  10. As long as you don't come in shorts and a tank top you will be fine. Seldom have we ever change for dinner our first night.
  11. Can a person sit on their balcony nude while at sea as long as you don't stand up to the railing?
  12. Every video says it's available but we bought the unlimited drink package and think it would be a waste of our time to bring two along with us.
  13. February 2, 2020, this will be our 12th cruise and some friends are going with for their first cruise, Liberty of the Seas.
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