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  1. Thanks! We found the document from Royal that has December 31st. I guess the only other possibility is if the CSO is cancelled October 31st, Royal could possibly cancel their policy that goes to December 31st. We would be not be nervous at all if Royal told us that that policy would still stay then even if the CSO cancelled. This Variant is more present each day, and the idea of having to get our own travel home, and we aren't eligible for the booster until mid December is fearful for us. I really appreciate your help. If you hear that Royal will extend no matter if CSO doesn't, I would sincerely appreciate you sharing! We are so excited to be back on Harmony. We went on her when she left out of Ft. Lauderdale many years ago and had another one scheduled over Labor day 2019 which was the Hurricane cruise! Ha! We always have said our first cruise back would be the Harmony so our fingers and toes are tightly crossed! Thanks one and all for your valuable information! Michelle
  2. Thank you so very much for always keeping us up to date on all the ever-changing world of cruises at this time. Much appreciated by all. We are also on the Nov. 14th sailing on the Harmony and have been vaccinated and all. What is making us nervous right now is that Royal's fly home benefit ends on October 31st also. Insurance would not cover a plane trip home and knowing that even without covid but traced to someone that has it onboard you would need to get our own travel home really is weighing on our minds. We understand and accept the mask policy hands down but hope they can alleviate this one fear soon. If you could keep us all up to date about this aspect, we would be deeply appreciative. I know the RC Blog cruise is the next week so I know this would be valuable info for this cruise also. We would feel fine if they would extend that one part of the order to alleviate our nervousness especially with seeing the Variants becoming more visible. Thank you. Michelle
  3. Thanks so much again for all your help as always! Please share any new info with us all if you hear of any please! Much Appreciated, Michelle
  4. Twangster, My immediate concern regarding the C. Virus is if lots more of the small caribbean countries stop letting ships into dock in their ports can Royal and Celebrity actually let a cruise go that hasn't stopped at a port or is there possibly minimum stops required? Are the cruise lines permitted to begin a cruise knowing they can't dock at a port? Or would we be allowed to float around for all 7 days? I'm not saying that wouldn't still fun but of course we would miss stopping at the ports. We have our first cruise on Celebrity on March 22nd Edge very soon and are definitely concerned what could possibly happen in this case? Royal and Celebrity seem like they would be cohesive with one another on this subject, but information on either cruise line would be helpful to us at this time really. Do you have a source of knowledge/procedures on this subject by chance? You always give important detailed information that really help us for so many circumstances regarding cruises. So I sincerely would value any information, ideas, or any opinions you have on this subject. Thanks again for all the knowledge you provide for us on this blog.! Much appreciated, Michelle
  5. It sounds like you guys are having the time of your lives! I'm so happy for you both! P.S. Now is the time to book that next cruise onboard. Hint! Hint!
  6. I totally agree with you Sweety! The Milford Sounds pics and the return to Sydney pics were my personal favs! I wish I had a better words than Thank you, Twangster Again! Safe Travels and Look forward to your next awesome adventure you take us all on! Michelle
  7. Thanks for sharing your epic event and exciting cruise with all of us! You are a special husband and Dad, too! Safe travels back home! Michelle
  8. I totally agree! Thanks for sharing your wonderful vaca with all of us! P.S. All of your "Gals" are very lucky to have you!!! Please blog again on your next cruise! Michelle
  9. Have so much fun climbing tomorrow at 4:45! I can't wait to hear all about it. Your pictures are even more breath-taking than your last cruises! You really have the gift with the camera! Michelle
  10. Thank you so much for clearing that up for us! It sounds like a great idea for us since I especially like to play the slots. It will be a nice added perk to enjoy playing in a smoke free casino, too! Your blog has been so helpful in navigating this great newly renovated ship! We are looking forward to doing our first 10 day cruise ever on Equinox going back to the ABC's for 3rd year in a row and Key West and Grand Cayman in September. It was an itinerary that was definitely calling our names! Ha! Thanks again for the awesome blog! Please blog again on your next cruise!!! Michelle
  11. Thanks for such an awesome blog! I'm so happy you both were able to take advantage of the Oct/Nov sale. We are also sailing from this awesome same sale on the Edge in March ( it was cheaper than our Harmony in March) so we cancelled and booked the Edge with all 4 perks including the premium bev package. That will be our actual first Celebrity cruise too! We are Diamond Plus on Royal too. We are thinking of adding on the beverages and more onto our premium pkg onto both of our cruises that you both did especially the Equinox. So did you both use all your $50 casino cash before you cashed out or can you cash out and get $25 dollars back of the original $50? A little confusing to say the least. Any additional information would be gratefully appreciated! Michelle
  12. Thank you so very much Twangster for another great blog. Your blogs are so wonderful like a good book you don't ever want to put down! I love the Anthem too! We were on a second 9 night which I wish was longer like yours last May in a Jr. Suite and that Coastal Kitchen was a definite favorite of ours! All your beautiful pictures I feel should be in books too! Michelle
  13. Twangster, My Husband and I really enjoyed your fascinating blog through the Hawaiian Islands. We have been before but you have brought to our attention several more must dos so a repeat is definitely on our bucket list again up towards the top! Ha! Thanks for reminding us that the sunrises and sunsets through your gorgeous pics are the most beautiful we have ever seen, but we haven't been all over the world either! Michelle
  14. I totally agree with Sweety! We're all looking forward to your pictures from this new camera! Take it easy and pace yourself and just live in the moment! I love, love the Anthem also! Michelle
  15. My sentiments exactly! Somehow your magnificent pics make me feel like a tiny part of me is there with you. Thanks again Twangster! Michelle
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