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  1. Really helpful information, thanks! How much is it for one day on the ship? TBH I want to be disconnected but best check in for practicality of travel!
  2. How does it work to share? In fact how does it work in general? I'm not fussed by having the internet but being able to check in etc for flights would be useful. Was just going to find a bar in the Bahamas to use their wifi but if it's not too expensive, i'll get one package. Can't be bothered spending £250 on internet; I'm loving the idea of being fully disconnected.
  3. I've literally just been looking at that by utter coincidence; definitely thinking about that now. Might just go there; hit the cocktails and some lunch then head over, check in then airline lounge. I imagine if were to leave the boat at 9am; once Customs etc is done, baggage found and got an UBER across to JFK, it's likely to be nearer 12 anyway? I have no concept of how long it will all take.
  4. Thanks for this! Will be getting off the boat on the 2nd October. No idea really where to head; I think we are going to go straight to JFK and either check in our bags or stick them in storage there for a few hours. Thinking might just head to a local mall or something for something to eat. Thinking logic is; get off boat around 9ish (customs etc) then maybe an Uber at 9.30am/10am then an hour to get to the airport? Add 30/60 minutes to get bags sorted etc then we are around 12pm. Will have 3 hours to get somewhere and back; not a huge amount of time to do anything far really?
  5. We are disembarking on a Sunday in New York and we fly back at 18.00 to the UK. I assume we will be kicked off the ship by 9.30am at the very latest which means we have a bit of time to kill in New York before heading to the airport (probably taxi around 14.30/15.00). Any ideas on what to do for a few hours? Trying to find somewhere to store our luggage, thinking of getting an Uber to Brooklyn (flying from JFK) and spending a few hours/lunch around there... Any ideas?
  6. This is such a relief, no more hassle about flying from the UK (and money saved!) Very happy.
  7. Starting with September 5th, for U.S. cruises that don’t visit Canada or Bermuda: Vaccinated guests won’t have to take a pre-cruise test on cruises that are shorter than 10 nights. Unvaccinated guests age 5 and up will need to test within 3 days before boarding, regardless of cruise length. Royal Caribbean will begin accepting results from self-administered home tests.
  8. Agreed, we are flying from the UK to the US so will need to get a test there before our Cruise (Oasis end of Sep) and there's a huge lack of testing centres. The EMED things aren't available in the UK so it's getting very difficult to get tested in the timeframe needed. RC are very behind the times with testing being abandoned everywhere, it makes testing not very profitable anymore hence everywhere closing. Bit of a nightmare!
  9. It's looking that way; gone very quiet from RC on this front. Unbelievably frustrating and pointless given where the rest of the industry is. Will put off booking tests until the very last minute but it's an extra hassle/stress that I could really do without before flying to the US!
  10. Interestingly; New York is beginning to close some of their testing sites. Given NY was one of the major places testing was so widely required; still holding out hope that its removed before Mid September..
  11. Thats a very good point; in the UK testing is quite difficult to get now. Most places have shut down and the UK government isn't offering routine free testing anywhere. As requirement dries up; there will start being a shortage of testing places! Either the price will plummet or it'll get even more expensive; another thing RC need to consider pretty quickly imo!
  12. I hope so; hoping 4 weeks of data will let them make that decision compounded with competitors getting rid. I imagine they would rather have a few routes were tests are required based on cruise ports whilst others can be kept free of testing. I don't have an issue with testing per se (that's a whole thread to avoid) but the hassle of it vs uncertainty for UK people travelling to the US is something i'd love to avoid (and the cost obv!). Fingers crossed for it to be gone for September!
  13. Hey, What date do you reckon testing will be dropped? I say this as an inevitability given everywhere else (bar countries that are keeping it up) have dropped it. I only ask as we are going on Oasis end of September and still no clearer to how we are going to get a test done with the timings etc (flying from the UK). Obviously don't want to book a testing slot somewhere at quite sizeable expense (most are pay in advance and non refundable) so leaving it right up until the last minute. I'm hoping for 1st September for testing being dropped; surely a month of the other cruise lines doing away with it will be enough or will Royal really hold out for that long?
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