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  1. The full menu is not an option, they give you a limited menu with appetizer, main and dessert. Wine is only choice of a pinot grigio or a merlot. It was good enough for me.
  2. If ppl weren't using these perks..then they were making MORE money from the promo. They are full of BS. Exactly if they weren't using or "overlapping" benefits that just means the customer was buying even more. Overlapping benefits isn't a bad thing if one of them is being paid for.
  3. Loungers are still free and there are plenty of them. Beach beds/Cabanas are not free.
  4. I just paid $57 a day. I think it's funny how they can advertise these Buy one get one half off price that is going on now for my cruise. I saw it listed at $61 a day and thought that is great one at $61 and the other at 30 for 91 a day....nope price shown is for both....gotta love cruise math and the ever floating on-board pricing.
  5. I did it on the Adventure last summer. It was fun, I enjoyed it. They line up the tables so there are two rows and the actors walk around the room during the play. Some audience interaction, but not much. The all you can drink wine of course is a plus and the food was good. The show is on par with any other local murder mystery dinners that I have done in the past, not great acting but a lot of overacting. I was entertained and thought it was a great way to spend the evening. I would do it again, but it is not an option on my next cruise.
  6. $499 is a great steal especially with the wristbands, if you have a party of 6 it almost covers the cost of the cabana by itself.
  7. 8 12 posts Report post Posted 7 hours ago But the next sentences contradicts that. Very unclear. They need better lawyers. But it also says in accordance with RCL policy. I believe the policy states that under certain days amount of days from cruise there is no refund, this is probably in that window for no refund. Got to love confusing language in terms and conditions
  8. Yes, but I wouldn't over the railing in case of wind. We usually just hang them on the back of the chairs on the balcony with a clip to hold them in case it gets windy at night.
  9. I recall when I booked with Royal Caribbean through my Travel agent she requested a copy of my DD 214 and sent it them. I guess they must have it on file now, but they haven't asked for proof since that first cruise, besides didn't really notice a difference in price.
  10. We did this on Adventure, it is a great time. Definitely take advantage of the all you can drink wine. I hope it is offered on our upcoming cruise I'll see it again.
  11. I haven't had a mistake enough to get me to the next level, but I do have a cruise on my C&A from 1970, I was born in 1971
  12. When you book, it asks for your preference of seating early, late or my time dinner. If you get the early or late then it will be the same for the whole cruise in the same dining room.
  13. 242 Days here, but now I'll be singing that little song for at least the next hour
  14. March 22, 2020 - Anthem
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