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  1. This is a long time coming! We’re safe, we’re educated, we’re proven with protocols! I was so happy to sail out of Nassau a few weeks ago and I can’t wait to sail out of the USA with similar and sensical protocols!
  2. Recently saw Grandeur dry docked in Freeport. Does anyone know what all they’re doing to her? Someone at future cruise said it was a “massive renovation” but didn’t say anything else. Can’t imagine what “massive” could mean to a ship that size.
  3. I was looking through the Royal Caribbean website and stumbled across this gem! No masks onboard if vaccinated Covid test provided by the cruise line in day 6 Unvaccinated guests to wear masks indoors. Follow local mask requirements in port Let the fun begin! https://www.royalcaribbean.com/the-healthy-sail-center/getting-ready-to-cruise
  4. Straight to the pool deck for a Miami Vice. No tears, just elation.
  5. What’s a fun guess on when Adventure will sail into port? Possible she’s already there for a few days or do we think it’s a normal 5-6 am docking? I really want to watch her sail in on Saturday morning from my balcony.
  6. I had a similar problem. I wanted to have a bottle of Dom Perignon delivered to my room on embarkation day but couldn’t do it on the Royal Gifts website. After doing some looking around I found the same bottle on Chops menu for $40 less! also, they have the St. Michele and Chocolate strawberries in the cruise planner for like $33 which is a little less than the stand alone bottle on the Royal Gifts page.
  7. In most cases you get what you pay for.
  8. Agreed, with the ship already at limited capacity it shouldn’t be hard. I think they need to think about consistency as far as the shows go and events go, I think it will almost be the same rules as for dining, if your butt is in a seat you won’t mask.
  9. Hooding we’ll only have to mask when being socially distant isn’t possible I.e. Elevators, cabin hallways, etc
  10. Similar thing happened to me, I called immediately, I didn’t wait for the cruise line to act. I told them what I wanted and the price honored. They changed it without an issue. Since the cruise is a lower price, I might suggest cancelling with you 125%, then booking on the ship that you want for what seems to be a better price. FYI if I was set on Freedom class I would not have let them Take me off of it. Sometimes it’s a fight but you have a few different avenues to go down to get your desired result. Remember, it’s your vacation and your money.
  11. I'm going to drive myself crazy waiting for these results out of fear that they will come back too late, lol. Being a little over 2 months away, hopefully with another 120 Million shots in arms from now until then this testing process speeds up a little bit or at least comes back to reality as far as pricing goes.
  12. I anticipate the first cruise on the 12th to be an absolute cluster F. I think we all need to be mentally prepared of us to be waiting longer than we should. It will probably be the first day on the job for the vast majority of the people working on the check in process unless RCG brings in port agents from FLA which i think is highly unlikely.
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