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  1. Agreed, with the ship already at limited capacity it shouldn’t be hard. I think they need to think about consistency as far as the shows go and events go, I think it will almost be the same rules as for dining, if your butt is in a seat you won’t mask.
  2. Hooding we’ll only have to mask when being socially distant isn’t possible I.e. Elevators, cabin hallways, etc
  3. Similar thing happened to me, I called immediately, I didn’t wait for the cruise line to act. I told them what I wanted and the price honored. They changed it without an issue. Since the cruise is a lower price, I might suggest cancelling with you 125%, then booking on the ship that you want for what seems to be a better price. FYI if I was set on Freedom class I would not have let them Take me off of it. Sometimes it’s a fight but you have a few different avenues to go down to get your desired result. Remember, it’s your vacation and your money.
  4. I'm going to drive myself crazy waiting for these results out of fear that they will come back too late, lol. Being a little over 2 months away, hopefully with another 120 Million shots in arms from now until then this testing process speeds up a little bit or at least comes back to reality as far as pricing goes.
  5. I anticipate the first cruise on the 12th to be an absolute cluster F. I think we all need to be mentally prepared of us to be waiting longer than we should. It will probably be the first day on the job for the vast majority of the people working on the check in process unless RCG brings in port agents from FLA which i think is highly unlikely.
  6. This might have been answered before but where does everyone plan on getting their pcr test? I've seen that CVS takes 1-2 days to get results back and if you want to get it done at a lab it can cost anywhere from $200-$350 for instant results.
  7. I think this is all inevitably heading to a law suite. The CDC has shown now that they have no interest in re-opening cruising and it has nothing to do with health and safety.
  8. as long as people are allowed to rip darts in the casino then it’s going to smell like smoke.
  9. Rolling into the re-opening with 8 June 12 Adventure Nov 25 Mariner Dec 26, Odyssey Jan 2 Odyssey (Elevates to D+) Feb 20 Grandeur Nov 24 Adventure Dec 24 Explorer Jan 2 Explorer
  10. Not sure what the exact issue is but when you call for issues regarding Refunds/FCC's you must have all of your booking numbers handy before you call so they can track everything by that specific booking number. I've had 10 cruises cancelled this past year and it can be very frustrating but if you have your ducks in a row its usually a lot easier.
  11. I wonder if after all of the dust settles and things are back to normal for a while if Royal Caribbean will adjust the C&A tiers. I'm going from Diamond at 85 Points to D+ with 231 after the 14 nighter on Grandeur in February. Things are definitely going to get saturated and that 340 point benchmark that they already have in place might be a good sweet spot for an additional tier.
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