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  1. Are masks not an issue that has to do with cruising, Matt? I think now multiple states lifting their mask mandate is newsworthy for the thread and cruising as a whole. I’m confused on why there would need to be a reminder here.
  2. That's going to be very interesting as well. If we have 100% vaccinations onboard the ships than why not sail at full capacity? Which metric would they be looking at to gradually raise the capacity? I hope that they actually follow the science on this one as a whole because as of right now the vaccine is looking like its a miracle for how much protection that it actually gives you from becoming infected/spreading the virus.
  3. For the first cruise back, of course! But what if you had let’s say 4 cruises in between Thanksgiving and February 2022. Would you be willing to hit ALL of your booked sailings with the double mandate?
  4. Just being curious, if and when the no sail order is lifted, how would a vaccine and a mask mandate onboard affect your decision to cruise again? I'm very interested in seeing how things play out in Israel, I think their protocols will almost mirror the protocols for the U.S.
  5. I called the Casino and they have most of the deployment schedules out. Royal Caribbean seems to be starting most their 2022 Christmas and New Years Cruises on Friday's.
  6. When you discover a blog but find out you have to read it.
  7. How far in advance can you normally book Air2Sea?
  8. So with these cruises setting sail at 10 pm is there any chance the cruise line allows us to stay onboard on debarkation day a little longer? As of right now the first flights back to the US aren't until 3:05 and 4:55 pm.
  9. I'm not sure if anyone has looked at hotels yet but the Hilton Grand Vacations at the Crane is a BEAUTIFUL property and is a steal for around $270 a night IMO
  10. I just can't wait for its first dry dock for Royal Caribbean to turn the fitness center into a bunch of cabins.
  11. Try it with one that has fire on board credits and see how your next 2.5 hours on the phone go. It’s happened to me twice on the same sailing. The cruise part is easy, on board credits are hell and they need a better system.
  12. Has anyone else had problems with the Cruise Lines/ Travel Agency's canceling future cruises because of a mishap in the FCC system? It has now happened to me twice on my Dec 26 Sailing onboard Odyssey of the Seas.
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