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  1. Probably still going to be real stingy on the sausage links
  2. Does anybody have a guess on what compensation would be if they cancelled these sailings?
  3. I just want a Labadoozie, is that too much to ask?
  4. We are at Coco Cay today. We have not been cleared to get off of the ship yet. Oasis is here with no issues.
  5. The straw market at Labadee is still a thing of my nightmares
  6. Really wish they would allow us to swap ships for upcoming sailing. Called to try to get off of Odyssey and onto something without an outbreak and it was a big NO lol
  7. If the Labadee section has been sacked as the rumors say, we won't be back to Labadee for a long time .
  8. I’m really interested to see what’s happening on odyssey right now. Of Covid is running through the crew as some people have said I could see them shelving it for two weeks. Royal caribbean has already taken some sailings (mine on January 2nd) off of their website and TA sites today.
  9. This is a long time coming! We’re safe, we’re educated, we’re proven with protocols! I was so happy to sail out of Nassau a few weeks ago and I can’t wait to sail out of the USA with similar and sensical protocols!
  10. Recently saw Grandeur dry docked in Freeport. Does anyone know what all they’re doing to her? Someone at future cruise said it was a “massive renovation” but didn’t say anything else. Can’t imagine what “massive” could mean to a ship that size.
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