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  1. The more people that get vaccinated, the faster we can get back to discussing cruises in this forum.
  2. Taking photos of someone's spouse/partner while swimming is a good way to get your butt kicked. Just sayin'.
  3. The CDC have lost their minds. I'm glad my next cruise is from a non-US port.
  4. "US cruises could restart soon with 'passenger voyages by mid-July,' CDC says" Yeah, but...mid-July of what year?!
  5. We all know that internet connections while at sea can be notoriously unreliable.
  6. Who is going to enforce all the onerous "requirements" while on the ship? The same folks who enforce the "don't hog lounge chair" rules???
  7. I'm relatively new to cruising, but am completely hooked. I've only ever sailed on Royal and Celebrity, and have my first Norwegian cruise booked for October 2021. What I'm looking for is opinions on Carnival Cruises. Their prices and itineraries look attractive, but I remember how my wife and I were on a tour bus in Curacao with mostly Carnival passengers and we ran off the bus because it was like a bad day at Walmart. Have any of you been on a Carnival cruise and how bad is it really? Thanks.
  8. It's a review of cruiseline websites only. Leaving Royal Caribbean (& Celebrity) off the list is not a shocker.
  9. The experts agree with us: https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=4139
  10. Booking a cruise on Royal Caribbean's website is clunky...at best. Instead of just showing all available cabins and clicking on them to see a price, you need to click a category, then a section and then you see available cabins! When I sign into my account, I shouldn't be required to re-enter my name, address, etc. That should be pre-populated! Please add a courtesy hold option while booking. (Norwegian has this and I've used it several times.) If I need to cancel a booking, let me do it online instead of calling. (Celebrity does!) Bottom line, Norwegian's and Carni
  11. That's all good, but see my original question please.
  12. The Greece cruises departing from Cyprus look very attractive, but getting to Cyprus from the US doesn't seem all that easy. Has anyone from the states booked this cruise? How are you getting to Cyprus? Thanks.
  13. Thanks Kathy, I didn't see an option for a refundable deposit on Celebrity's website. Was your deposit refundable?
  14. Never mind. The booking page works if I don't include my Captain's Club number. Turns out it was too rich for me, but it was fun dreaming.
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