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  1. I have had some fantastic Genies, it will be sad to see them move on. But I look forward to meeting the new ones as soon as we can set sail again. JOHN
  2. 17, between August 2021 to April 2023. Hopefully some of these will sail, it been a long time coming. John
  3. Same here, now have 14 cruises booked up to the end of 2022, can't wait. John
  4. I live in Thailand and a UK national. I have used MEI for all my bookings over the past few years with no issues. I us Kathy, who has been great. JOHN
  5. Hi Barbie Bell I agree it doesn't matter where you are based. I live in Thailand and have excellent service from MEI (Kathy)always responds in a very timely manner. John
  6. I use Kathy as well, very good. Very responsive and helpful John
  7. Thank you IRMO12HD just saved $247 for our harmony transatlantic cruise in 2021, it was $54 pp now $47 thanks so much, a good way to start the week. John
  8. I have sailed both ships from Singapore, and very much the same. Great ships, you will have a great time. John
  9. Thank you all for the great info, just hope we now sail thanks again John
  10. Hi guys I am doing a B2B, B2B for the first time next year, always been a wish of mine. My question is, do I need to check-in for all three cruises or only the first sailing. I think I know the answer, but you guys are the experts. Thanks John
  11. Kathy for me she has been great MEI John
  12. Hi, you will enjoy Star Class. Let your Genie know before boarding, will make dinner work for you both in the suite. All Restuarant’s are included, no extra cost. Genie will make an itinerary for you with show times, dinner etc. Just let the genie know what you prefer, times Restuarant’s, shows and any other activity you wish to do. Enjoy John
  13. I was also assigned Kathy some months back. She has been brilliant, quick response and great service. John
  14. Very good, always pulls at me heart strings. john
  15. We have never paid for any up-charges in Sar Class enjoy john
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