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  1. Thank you for the info. John
  2. I have booked the Taste of Royal. Is there a discount if you already have the ultimate dinning package? Plus is there also a discount for the wine pairing if you have the Drinks package. I have not seen it mentioned before. Thanks for any information. John
  3. I am on the Quantum from Brisbane to Hawaii this April. What does self-administered COVID test mean? What proof do they require? Thanks in advance. John Jojn
  4. Fantastic, I hope its the same for me February 19th. John
  5. Fantastic find, worked for me as well. Thanks John
  6. Mine is not showing in the app or website John
  7. He is fantastic, we had him on the Oasis earlier this year. You won't be disappointed at all. John
  8. I am looking forward in trying Gold dining in December. John
  9. I had the same today for our Singapore cruise, great news indeed. John
  10. I agree Wi-Fi calling is the way to go. John
  11. I have Kathy as well, she has been brilliant. John
  12. What do most of you give for room service delivery? Thanks John
  13. We did as well, very nice and a great location for the sights.
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