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  1. I have Hannah Johnson later this month on Ovation. So far been great with Communication. Any feedback or tips greatly appreciated Thanks John 😁
  2. Hi Bish, thanks for great blog the best yet. We are doing a 12 day cruise from Sydney late October and staying in your same room. Our Genie is Hannah, did you meet her and any feedback on her positive or negative. Your post have been so informative felt like we were with you. thanks john😀
  3. I would also love to know how this programme works John😀
  4. Hi Guys, Once cruise is fully paid can I change the name of the second person travelling with me, plus would there be a charge. And if I have already checked in, can a name change still be done. Thanks for any feedback John😀
  5. Each terminal has its own immigration and customs areas. John
  6. Very good video looks like you all had a great time john
  7. Really looking forward to our Alaska cruise in May 2019 OOS. A quick question, the ship docks at 9am in Victoria, the whale excursion I want to do leaves at 10.30 am and is approx 10 mins away via taxi, is this feasible or not. Thanks for any answers given. PS- Will will be travelling Star Class, so hoping this may give us priority disembarkation. john
  8. Booked 24th May, was on Ovation in May, so would love to know what changes could be made JC
  9. Hi WaaaTooo, many thanks for the helpful feedback, I have just emailed concierge on Ovation, so will wait to hear back, it is now 10pm here. I did not receive the questionnaire you mentioned, but I am not missing out there by the sound of things. Will update once I hear back. cant wait to try the star class service. Thanks, John 😁😊
  10. Hi all, I am travelling on Ovation of the Seas on the 27/05/2018 in Star Class, really looking forward to it. When does the Genie make contact with you, as yet no email has bee received. I have checked in, but there are no luggage labels to print, is this because I am Star Class, on all previous cruises I have always printed the luggage tags a few days before departure. any replies would be most grateful. Will give a report on my experiences on my return, only 12 more days to go, not as of I am counting!!! Thank John 😀😁
  11. Same for me, cant get into C&A site from any link John
  12. I tend to agree, not easy at all now. JC
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