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  1. Ugh, I just assumed it was all ports. NO? Shoot. I was trying to book my (very expensive) flights around that. What is the earliest you would book outbound flight for then? Sorry!
  2. Out of Miami are they sticklers if your flight leaves at 11:15am or can you still use Luggage Valet?
  3. I did call and booked AOS. I upgraded to JS from ov for $600 each at which time they told me I had to pay cruise in full because I did an upgrade. So what would happen if there was a price reduction?
  4. I did try and book through the site just to see what happened. I had free interior so I booked that, when I received my invoice confirmation it as $2000!! So much for a free cruise.
  5. Has anyone actually booked through the website? Just wondering how long it takes them to confirm reservation.
  6. I see the VIP status on my reservation for next March, will that still stay on since we did not do RCCL at all this year?
  7. Thank you everyone! I have been staring at these certificates all day. I will call and update you I am afraid I am out of luck but it wouldn't hurt.
  8. I have 3, one from Feb 2017 $200 and 2 (100 & 300) from 2016. Will they still allow me to use them? Don't really want to embarrass myself by calling them and asking.
  9. Has anyone gone on Celebrity and still able to get the equivalent of the Casino Royal VIP discount in the Blue Chip Club? RCCL C/A did get me the same level on Celebrity as Diamond on Rccl.
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