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  1. Do you have a picture of the restroom on Deck 5, starboard near the theater?
  2. I was trying to figure out why this was parked outside my condo today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I think you have that reversed @Windjammer Connoisseur
  4. I used to be a suite snob back in my "old" married life. I enjoy sailing more now in steerage. You take advantage of it....hahahahahahahaha
  5. Not sure why I'm following this since I only book OV balconies and below but it should be fun...hahahahahahahaha
  6. I hear I’ve been summoned by the one and only @Lovetocruise2002 it will be fun to follow along once you actually start sailing @Karahvacatimes
  7. Speaking from experience, Royal doesn’t do a very good job IMO for the solo/single cruiser. Don’t waste your time going to those solo events because nobody knows who’s who. KLA made a great point and it’s something I did and that is ask to be seated at a large table in the MDR. I made a ton of friends this way. Get to know the staff, they are very helpful and friendly and can be a big help. Also a lot of cruises these days have Facebook groups created and that’s a great way to meet new people, even Cruise Critic. I went through the exact thing you did in 2016 and now I cruise with tons of frie
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