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  1. Quantum of the seas is coming to Brisbane, Australia in Oct 2021!!! That is all...
  2. I don't care what you call me but I'm definitely a planner... SE for 2021.. After information on the Beach Cabana waterfronts Cabana at Nellie's, Beach bungalows, Beach Carbana in Labadee!! Prices, The Good the Bad and the preferences! Thanks!!!
  3. I have read with the UDP you only get it for lunch on sea days.... So why would you get it on embarkation day?
  4. Every cruise the prices for the packages can be so different... Same as on board with the 10 drink card. They will only offer it if the sales are down.. If they have already made there money they don't have to.....
  5. Hi all, Whats your thoughts on the new Icon class?? Any and all rumors or news. Have you ever brought out a new ship? Pro/Con's... Yes there could be still finishing the ship off? Hiccups and TA's
  6. I LOVE packing, so I will start and not stop. I have a separate shelf dedicated to cruising!! Always looking???
  7. I have never heard or see that happen. I don't know where they would put it and if they did what if they had a lot that cruise.. see what I'm saying.??
  8. Sorry, I have not officially boarded Ovation as a passenger. I too have not heard of people being turned away. Sydney has always been great. Voyager, Explorer and Radiance I have just walked up and gone straight through. (10am-10.30am) I have to wait till March for my turn and I will be there at 10am??
  9. Great question. Did you find out an answer? Also can you go to the MDR and get food from a speciality restaurant? I'm going will a group and that would/could work because not all are going to SR.
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