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  1. There is free soft serve ice cream on the ship but its just either chocolate or vanilla and for us it always seemed to close pretty early.
  2. I would love to see your door decorations if you have any photos
  3. When we went out of Miami last year, we got to the port right about 11am and basically walked onto the ship... literally the longest part was getting the carry on scanned.
  4. I agree...I do love their christmas decor and i feel like its a percentage of the cost of anywhere else
  5. Between Dollar Tree and the Target Dollar Spot during fall/winter my bank account HATES ME...
  6. This is something like what I am considering doing but with pumpkins or skulls or whatever.
  7. YES! Do it! I plan on going to Dollar Tree when fall stuff comes out and getting my decor. You can also decorate the inside of your cabin if you want also I believe
  8. We have this same issue as our flight isn't until 5. We plan on getting an uber or taxi to FLL and dropping our stuff at the luggage valet there and then going to the mall or maybe lunch and a movie..
  9. Thank you! I love the Bon Voyage one! I will have to keep my eye out for it... This will be the first time traveling during any holiday (that there are decor for) so im very excited to try and decorate! I say try because my "sense of style" is limited lol
  10. Completely understandable. I thankfully live in FL (although we are flying to Ft. Lauderdale for our next cruise... long story). So I get the overweight fees. I feel like so many blogs and youtube videos are all focused on how little you can pack and "oh my gosh if you don't only use a carry-on its blasphemy" I am just curious for everyone's insight. Also a note: I am totally one who can both over and under pack. I managed to pack for a 4 day winter trip to Missouri in a teeny tiny carry on and checked a bag full of gifts for the family we were visiting... priorities haha
  11. Yep just an inside cabin for us. Just a way to not walk past our door this trip haha.
  12. Oh fun! I'm thinking foam pumpkins with our names on them... Also do you know if you can use command hooks to hang up the decorations?
  13. Hello, I couldn't see a thread on the forums anywhere but does anyone have any tips for decorating your door on RCL? I know other companies have rules and things, but I didn't see anything for RCL when I looked. I'm thinking about making some fun halloween decorations for outside our room maybe with our names on it. Any tips, advice and dos/don'ts?
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