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  1. @aprilgwynne I don't think a boss paying for my internet would cover it. For me vacations are there for relaxation and to come back refreshed and excited to work.
  2. Hello All, I was looking at possibly booking the Chefs Table for our sailing in October. Can anyone tell me if the menu RC posts on their website is the same menu every day or is it just an example? Also those who have experienced it, how much have you paid for it... i.e. what should i keep my eye out for on the Cruise Planner for a good deal? TIA
  3. I would doubt it. Though if you had the DBP if you got a non-alcoholic mudslide from the bar it would essentially be the same thing.
  4. gosh im a dodo--- thanks, i didn't see it under Adventure so I automatically dismissed it being there. My bad! 😣😶
  5. dang. Either way anyone know where I can get a lunch/dinner menu?
  6. Does anyone know where I can find a JR menu? I don't/can't eat ground beef, so I'm not sure if it would even be worth going there. I know on Oasis-class (i think) they do breakfast for free. How about on Voyager class, I know it wouldn't be complimentary?
  7. That's what I assumed. It took me ALL the way to the checkout to realize that my OBC wasn't being added to the total (even though it said it was). I'm pretty stoked at the $50/pp since I feel like that is pretty low comparing what I have heard. We are on an 8-night sailing so right on par it seems.
  8. Those who are seeing discounts, do you have OBC? Right now we are seeing DX Drink Package for $50/night for our late October sailing. But that isn't including the $75/OBC we have.
  9. I have to drive I-4 for my job everyday. I spend roughly 2.5hours in my car every week day. If I don't have to drive on a major highway somewhere I will.
  10. We did a 4 hour drive to Miami for our last cruise the night before (it was 3 night cruise). I was so sick before that I needed that night before but that trip back was brutal
  11. @Twangster is right, our flights round trip are cheaper than driving, getting a hotel room and paying for parking. Getting a rental car for one day is more expensive than a one way flight for us. Thank heavens we have cheap SW flights.
  12. Thanks ya'll! I completely understand. Traveling from anywhere not near a port sucks. I've been there and done that!
  13. Thanks @twangster that definitely give us confidence in booking this flight.
  14. Our flight leaves at 6:30 so i would assume we would have plenty of time.
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