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  1. We are contemplating either doing that for the way back since we aren't getting the internet package and it should get it checked in without having to do it.
  2. We have actually done a practice pack so we are finishing purchasing some last minute stuff (new flip flops for me, travel bottles for him, etc.). I just started a new job and its busy season so i knew it would be rough to do a practice pack with my SO before the trip. I am definitely relaxing and getting excited just trying to make sure I haven't forgotten anything major!
  3. Great tips... We are flying southwest so no assigned seats (free luggage is > picking my seats, for as short of a flight as we have). I actually checked with SW on our flights this morning and will continue to do so weekly until the trip.
  4. Hello Everyone, So we are 40 days out... I feel like we are forgetting to do so much stuff but I can't figure out what. Does anyone have a checklist for when they get closer to sailing? Also, because I booked this cruise in April 2018 it really feels like its finally getting here when it was originally just a far far far far far off thought.
  5. Just a note: See if you can get floor models, I got my DSLR for a THIRD of the normal price for the floor model.
  6. Yea after our practice run of packing we realized that we need 2 bags plus our carry on that we also pack an extra outfit in. We don't right now have the ability to set our stuff up in our guest room (friends are coming into town in the next few weeks) but with our practice run I have an extremely detailed and photographed list of everything that needs to be packed.
  7. That is similar to what we did (photography). Only we did it so far out. My BF actually packed like he was going while as I packed some things as fillers depending on my weight loss journey but i have an overall idea. I'm sure you've packed enough! Enjoy your trip!
  8. I wouldn't worry about not having enough luggage. How long is your trip? Just remember if you have to you can always purchase something if you forgot it (could be a fun souvenir) OR pay for laundry if need be.
  9. They have Luggage Valet but that has nothing to do with check-in unfortunately...It's purely so you aren't stuck with your luggage if you have a later in the day flight... for me I'd rather use Bags to Go (exponentially cheaper in my eyes $8/person instead of $25)
  10. Packing cubes have changed my and my BFs packing style.... makes SO much easier when we can a). differentiate our stuff b). combine our stuff i.e., bathing suits, workout clothes, etc.
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