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  1. @WAAAYTOOO I brought up the fact that they are minors because I believe I should have the ability to determine how the FCC is applied. The fact that they are not adults should come into play, as I believe the parent or person responsible for the bills as @deep1 (wishing you good luck and smooth sailings) said should have the final say on how/who should receive the FCC. @bryresangel Thank you for the information on your experience. Based on what you have all written, I will wait until I receive the FCC, call and see if I can have their FCC transferred to me. I have read everyone’s posts for years but haven’t written. Thank you for your sound advice. Hope we are all back on the seas soon.
  2. Yes, another FCC comment. Sorry everyone. I cancelled my Thanksgiving 2020 cruise today. I had two rooms booked. One for me and DH and one for two 17 year old kids. I asked for the FCC for the teens to be put under my name since they will not be able to cruise in the next few years (starting college and have no idea of school schedules). I booked/paid for both rooms. RC said the teens are considered adults since they will be 18 in November and must have FCC in their name and this FCC will be issued in one month. I then asked that when they receive their FCC next month if they can book a cruise for themselves without me being involved. Well, of course not. My thinking is -they are currently minors and can not legally be bound by a contract. And yet, they can be issued a FCC in their names to be used by them because they will turn 18 in November? And yet, they can not use this FCC without me being involved. So, why can their FCC not be issued to me? So I will receive 4 FCC and two will never be used. I was planning to take the two teens FCC and apply it to a cruise for 2021 with my DH. I did not realize the policy for FCC and minors and am disappointed in RC’s policy. Anyone else have a similar experience? Apologies for my rant and ineloquent explanation. Just fuming a bit at the moment.
  3. We are on the Oasis of the Seas for the 11/22 Thanksgiving Cruise. So hoping this will happen. We have been looking forward to this trip for quite awhile.
  4. Looking forward to reading more! I have a trip planned on Adventure later in the year. Will you be posting the Cruise Compass?
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