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  1. Hey All. I was under the impression that I would have a single un-grounded plug in my stateroom. See pic related I have 2 "grounded" plugs. This is in an "Ocean View" stateroom on deck 5 - Majesty Of The Seas. I know safety regulations prevent "grounding" in the plugs, so they must have an "adapter" to allow people to not need extra adapters. the plugs are a little loose, I bumped into my phone charge and it fell out, but if you just dont mess with it you will be fine. My plug extender did fall out though, this may be an issue for people with many things to plug in.
  2. First Time Cruise!! Set sail yesterday. The only mistake I made was OVER PLANNING. RCI had the cruise planner on the app a week before set sail. And I obsessed with it, planing to do Everything. All that planning was a waste of time, just lounging around is too much fun on this boat. If I could give any advice to other first timers, Calm down and enjoy yourselves. Eeven if you miss that "one special event", so much more is going on you will be fine. My "Anti-Mistake" = Drink package, free espresso, free smoothies, and all the beer. Sure I may not have made the best deal,
  3. I had people send me packing checklists last week. Just this morning I noticed that one of the lists says "Liquid Hand Soap"... My question of "Why is that on there" is probably the same as this post right here.
  4. Wonderful! Spreadsheets rule my life. this will be much useful. I have roommates who I did not invite on my expedition. they can deal with the coffee pot, lol
  5. .. I want a robot to make me drinks.
  6. Sailing out on my first every cruise next week, aboard majesty. Ive been slowly packing over the past 2 months. (can you tell how excited I am). I dont want to overpack and have a bunch of stuff that I dont need, but I cant shake the feeling that I am GOING to forget something. Can anyone share a good checklist of things to make sure I have? Or even share some ideas of things that you have forgotten and wouldnt want to see someone else forget.
  7. Im going to Cozumel this december on majesty, and already bought a neat little stack of pesos because my bank had a decent rate. All these replies say that they would prefer USD... Did I make a mistake?
  8. I am so glad I found this blog before my upcoming cruise. SO MANY questions answered here, little things that I should not have been stressing over, already handled and squared away.
  9. I know there are a lot of threads on this already, but the ones I found are about specific instances, not in general. I am going on my first cruise ever in December, and I have never been in a 'fancy' situation where one would tip outside of food service. Never had room service, or a bell boy bring my stuff, never had valet parking. I just have no idea what things I would be expected to tip for. I don't want to be rude to the staff, and plan on bringing a good amount of singles and fives specifically for tipping. I just have no idea when I would be expected to tip and when/if there a
  10. Wow, I came here today specifically wondering how long the refunds take. (returned an arcade credit after seeing pictures of the 'arcades') . Thanks for starting this topic!
  11. Im going to be doing the tour of the chocolate and honey processing plant on Cozumel, I think it is called the "Mayan Chocolate Company". That looks like it will be fun.
  12. Oh, i didn't think of that, lots of solo people on cruises. They would end up with so many to move.
  13. Im doing a solo cruise in a few months. The ocean view stateroom says it comes with 2 twin beds that can be pushed together for a big one. Would they be able to remove one of the beds so I have more standing room? Not sure how big the stateroom is anyway
  14. I just booked cruise to go solo myself. Thanks for starting this topic, reading all the replies makes me feel a little more chill about it. I am now certain I will get what I am expecting out of it. Will be my first cruise after all.
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