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  1. 10-12 times a year 😲 seriously jealous.
  2. Bit of both, on our next one we had it included in the cost (UK Offer) but would still buy it as we are pretty heavy drinkers and would defiantely work out cheaper.
  3. I have a couple of suits but thought I might get myself a dinner suit, push the "boat" out 😀
  4. Wow really, why go via new york?
  5. I wasnt making a comparison, just a light hearted statement of fact. 😀
  6. Thats what we thought. I dont actually own a dinner suit so need to get one but thought it would be nice to go all out for the night.
  7. We are flying form the UK in October and have paid just shy of £2k for 2 adults and 2 children, practically the same price as the cruise.
  8. Who still goes the whole hog in regards to dressing up? There is going to be 11 of us on our upcoming cruise and all 4 of us men are wearing black tie for at least the first formal night and the ladies and my 2 little girls will be wearing nice dresses. Is this uncommon these days? Its been about 7 years since I was last on a cruise.
  9. We are doing Adventure of the seas in October, I will be taking some dollars but not specifically for tipping on board. Being a Brit like yourself we will be prepaying gratuities and 18% is added to the drink package so feel that is sufficient tipping.
  10. Cant wait, having a few nights in Miami followed by the cruise 😀😀 No not on any FB groups. Just on here and Cruise critic, Too many jobs worths/ know it alls on there though.
  11. We are on the very same cruise 😀 In reagrds to the drinks package, I will be trying all sorts, if you dont like it get something else. Thats the beauty of it
  12. Thats even better, on our 8 night sailing we have 3 sea days and Labadee.
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