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  1. Always been loyal to Royal over the years mostly cruised in Australia and have been nosying at MSC, I have seen a few things on Google re MSC loyalty Black Card loyalty programme. Does anyone have first hand experience of MSC and its loyalty system. TIA
  2. What’s the latest news rumours on the D lounge, points being altered to lighten the load on the lounges, D being denied entry, only D+ being allowed entry into the lounge as they lost the CL to pinnacles and suites.
  3. Recently did the Voyager from Singapore to Sydney and we did Giovannis for lunch and wear your best formal night. Lunch was shorts and a polo shirts did see singlets in there as well. On the Formal.....(wear your best) I saw shorts t shirts polos dress shirts trousers and jackets. As formal was designated wear your best, then people wore their best I guess.
  4. Ok peeps be easy on me my first post, the Southern Caribbean, where is the best place to see the Flamingoes on the beach or wherever.
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