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  1. Smooth boarding for Harmony’s 4-day sailing November 1st. Parked in Terminal 10 North lot at 10:15, and onboard by 10:30. Self carry-off was supposed to start at 8 am on return. I was off by 7:45 and many had departed before me.
  2. Yikes, I can’t imagine the whole ship on internet! Hope you had fun on the 4 day, and hope your cruise was warmer than Texas on Sunday!
  3. November 13 cruise - in deck 8 OV balcony , approx 4 Mbps down, 1.8-2.4 Mbps up. No problem sending pics or short videos from theater, ice rink, and public areas. (Of course this was just a few hours after sail away.) I’ll update the thread around Roatan, and also on sea days.
  4. You’re welcome! If I recall from the parking map, the slim white covered area you can barely see in front of the blue-covered parking, is bus drop off. And then cross street right into terminal. I’ll try to take pics of parking when I board Sunday, to update this thread. OMG! I’m boarding Sunday !! My first Oasis class ship !
  5. @DoomSlayer I zoomed in on this photo from webcam this morning, and added an arrow pointing to what appears to be the covered parking area of pier 10-North lot. Hope it helps! P.S. The arrow should be a little longer. It’s the blue covered parking directly in front of terminal.
  6. Did you embark in Barcelona or Rome? If Rome, what time did the disembarkation begin? Trying to plan pickup time from the port to Airport Thanks!
  7. Princess has a smaller ship in Galveston, Ruby Princess, this fall through next spring. I was searching on a TA site for prices of Royal’s January 2023 cruises from Galveston, and found the Ruby Princess cruises so cheap as a solo cruiser, that I couldn’t pass them up. I have a b2b, one week they visit Roatan, the next Belize. There was no single supplement on the cheap January Ruby cruises when I booked a few days ago.
  8. @Galveston Steve , Princess just released 2023-2024 itineraries from Galveston with Regal Princess . Regal’s deployment starts and ends with 12 day FLL to GLV October 2023 and back March 2024. There are several 10 and 11 day Holiday cruises,, and the rest are 7-day Sunday departures. I
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