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  1. Here is an example, Matt. RCBlog new font contrast on top, CC on bottom half of the document. CC font contrast is less noticeable for the message part. Our new message font on RCBlog is too faint and lighter (and maybe smaller). the part with Wannacruise is the CC example. MUcH easier on the eyes. thanks!
  2. I’d wondered what happened, The contrast of the super Thick BOLD user names and Titles, with the faint thin message font, really hurts my eyes. Am I the only one? Is there any way for us to change the font (Personal view) as we are reading the boards ?
  3. Keep an eye out for your email from Royal. They are rolling reservations on Allure Sailings from Galveston to same date on Liberty - price protected. I was on (what would have been) the inaugural 4 day from Galveston. Royal switched me to a. 7-day Liberty cruise. This is the one exception to the same date switch. The old 4 day was on Nov 10. The 7 day will actually be November 7, 2021 voyage.
  4. oops, RCLfan, I messed up quoting your post above. We had a corner aft, deck 7 on Liberty of the Seas, Loved it, would book it again in a heartbeat!
  5. That's interesting about possibility of Anthem at Terminal 2. I hope to listen to the Wharves meeting online tomorrow. Did you notice the Terminal 3 parking diagrams in the slide deck. Can't imagine that will be enough parking for the car-riders for Allure alone, not to mention if Royal rotates 2 ships, with 7-day and 4-5 day like they do now, from Terminal 3.
  6. Wishing good health to you and your family, Prayers to you
  7. I’m booked on Nov 2021 Allure, I’d posted this also in the Royal Caribbean Discussion thread. Looks like we will both have canceled cruises
  8. I embedded a slide link from Port of Galveston, in the “All things Galveston” discussion. Galveston new Terminal 3 for Allure capital project on hold. RC request to extend due diligence period another year. Florida cruisers impacted may not be looking at Galveston discussion, so I wanted to give a heads up. Mods, if this isn’t appropriate, then delete this thread. Thank you! so if you are booked on Liberty or Allure from Nov 2021 and on, expect some redeployment to occur ( IF Liberty stays in Galveston another year. Hope so!) Slide deck link is on P.7 of All Things Galv
  9. Well, looks like a delay for Terminal 3. Capitol Project on hold; due diligence period extension to April 9, 2021 requested by RC. details on slide 31 in link below. https://www.portofgalveston.com/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Item/3347?fileID=5011 Completely understandable as a business decision, but I was sure looking forward to my Allure cruise next November. Now the guessing begins - will Liberty of the Seas fall 2021 schedule be redeployed back to Galveston?
  10. When is your cruise? After the presumptive (per RCI) April 11 resume date? I thought I’d read the letter should be signed no more than 7 days prior to the cruise date. I wish I had advice for you. Good luck !
  11. Galveston Steve - we’ve read Royal is rethinking 2020 capital expenditures. What is the word in Galveston regarding Terminal 3? Understand Royal is still in the due diligence time period. Is Terminal 3 build still a go for this year, or are they considering canceling (postponing) the terminal ?
  12. I have to admit I didn’t know that tipping standard now is 20% until I read your comment, Thanks for the info.
  13. I was on the site already (old log-in), and read this thread. Logged out and back in, and this log-in appeared, just like this. Funny thing, site response seems much quicker, too
  14. Thanks for this info. Have you heard whether the Terminal 3 new surface parking lot will be secured - fenced in, like the official Port of Galveston parking?
  15. Oh, no - can’t have that. You are working much too hard. Less work, more cruise daydreaming.
  16. Royal announced 2 weeks ago plans for Liberty in 2021 Galveston, then Miami: “ Adventurers looking to cruise from the Lone Star state in the summer on 2021 can sail on board Liberty of the Seas roundtrip from Galveston, Texas. The guest favorite will set course for the Western Caribbean on 7-night sailings before she transitions to Miami for the winter to offer 3-and 4-night Bahamas and Perfect Day at CocoCay itineraries.“
  17. Oh, good! Hopefully finalizing the new Terminal 3 agreement, too? Think they were waiting to reveal the Allure Galveston dates until the final signatures checked off ?
  18. Hi, @Galveston Steve Is there another update on Terminal 3? Has the lease been signed? Non-subscribers don’t have access to any Galveston Daily news articles so we really appreciate your update posts.
  19. twangster, thanks for the 2018 revenue link. The fact that Radiance exceeded Liberty’s revenue, with only 1/3 of Liberty’s passengers was very surprising. But how much does itinerary come into play? Interesting - thanks again for the link !
  20. Mine, as well - perhaps exclusive time for The Key or Suite guests on those slides ?
  21. We do the family safety reminder in the terminal, right before we board. That way it’s fresh in everyone’s mind. (Plus, the terminal is the first place the whole family has a chance to meet up. We drive in from different cities.) Thanks so so much for the nice Welcome !
  22. We always remind the kids of our safety rules one last time before boarding. If this family had done the same, Grandpa would have heard “no kids on railings, no leaning out windows, etc.”. It may have made all the difference in the world.
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