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  1. Matt was quoted in this article about how Royal had signups for "test cruises" back in November: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-02-03/cruise-ship-fanatics-eagerly-volunteer-to-test-covid-virus-protocols Not sure why this is "news" now, but thought it was an interesting article none the less.
  2. Something to keep in mind is that rooms that hold 3/4 are usually in a different (more expensive) category . So even if Passenger #3 is "free", Passenger #1 and #2 are paying a slightly higher base fare. Sometimes the difference can be very large, but I've usually noticed this when my travel agent booked me into agency group space for the double occupancy room, but was not able to do so for the triple occupancy room.
  3. They cancelled cruises with paying customers, that doesn't necessarily mean they can't do a test cruise before May. It's all up to the CDC.
  4. Even Celebrity doesn't appear to be totally cancelling Europe/Med (yet), but consolidating/cutting down on the number of ships sailing. Otherwise why would they be encouraging passengers on cancelled cruises to move do a different ship sailing in Europe this summer?
  5. Is it actually possible to L&S to anything after April (or early May) 2022?
  6. I thought FCC was associated with a specific person, and was non-transferrable?
  7. Yeah, the rooftop bar is nice in that hotel. Especially when it's nice enough to sit outside. The company I work for had an after work event there once, and I also went there for drinks after work a couple of times (pre-pandemic). There is a W hotel in Hoboken that also is a good option for a pre-cruise stay. Close to the PATH train, and ferry terminals to get to NYC, plus lots of great local restaurants to walk to.
  8. Same here. I have a huge fleet of ships on the fridge and on the Christmas tree, and my family can all dress in cruise ship t-shirts for days...
  9. A dog with pink dyed hair that looked like a giant poodle. Neither the dog nor it's owner appeared to be thrilled to be onboard.
  10. I think it's going to depend on what the intent of the 7 day rule is. Is it to make sure that no passengers are onboard the ship > 7 days? Then I would agree with you. Is it to make sure that the ship is always within 3 days of getting back to port? If that is the intent of the rule, I don't feel the the CDC would care if "Super Mario" starts living onboard again.
  11. For the Pfizer vaccine, the FDA has said: In documents published ahead of an advisory meeting Thursday to review Pfizer’s vaccine, FDA staff also said data submitted appeared to show the vaccine was at least 52% effective before the second dose ... Pfizer’s vaccine recommends two doses about three weeks apart. The agency added that two doses of the vaccine were “highly effective” in preventing confirmed cases of Covid-19 at least seven days following the second dose. In such instances, the vaccine was 94.8% effective after seven days of the inoculation. https://www.cnbc.c
  12. Looks like the OP is talking about one of Matt's website posts: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/10/27/here-are-your-options-if-you-want-cancel-or-defer-your-booked-cruise
  13. I think it's likely that all international travel will require proof of vaccination, once the vaccine is widely available. I don't think this will be anything specific to cruise travel, other than the fact that, in most cases, cruise travel involves foreign ports. Those who have legitimate medical reasons for not being vaccinated will likely be able to get an exception. Everyone else will likely need to stick to domestic travel, at least in the near term.
  14. Generally a FCC has a specific passenger name associated with it, and they historically they haven't been transferrable. They may be making some limited exceptions now, but I don't think any would apply in this scenario.
  15. So your other option is to spend more time on land ahead of time. If my "lift-and-shift" to August 2021 actually happens, i'll be spending 5 nights in Rome before my 7 night cruise. If i'm sailing out of Florida, I like to get down there 1 day in advance. If i'm sailing out of Europe, I like to get there a few days in advance. If there is an issue with the airplane, there are fewer flights to Europe then there are from NY/NJ to Florida. I also like to have a few days to get adjusted to the time change. If your wife has limited vacation time, and you book a 14 day cruise, are yo
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