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  1. The CityMD urgent care center in Teterboro offers the antibody test. My wife and I got tested last week.
  2. You can't sail Oasis class out of NJ in the middle of winter. You would kill all the plants in Central Park.
  3. Taxes and port fees are supposed to be refunded to your credit card. That being said, I'm still waiting for mine. My cruise was in the first wave of cancellations (early April).
  4. It does seem like they made a mistake in the calculations. Based on your invoice, I would expect an amount closer to what you already calculated. I'm sure your TA will get it resolved.
  5. United, Delta and American Airlines have each gone through Chapter 11 twice, and everyone kept their frequent flyer miles.
  6. Cape Liberty isn’t that big of a terminal. It’s certainly no Terminal A Miami. But apparently it can handle Oasis.
  7. Anything more about that bullet point re: Anthem?
  8. Yes, I received the FCC's, but still waiting for refund of Taxes. But I did receive refunds of Cruise Planner purchases.
  9. That is pretty interesting. I wonder when they were thinking that would be. Would they cancel the currently scheduled Anthem cruises in late 2021/early 2022, or would it be May 2022+ (when the ship might have went back to the UK for the summer)?
  10. I would just hold off on doing anything and revisit in late May. It's quite possible Cruise With Confidence is extended at that point.
  11. I would think opening the border between the US and Canada would be one of the first phases, even before cruising resumes.
  12. Yes, I received mine this afternoon.
  13. On cruise critic people are reporting that the 1 FCC per cruise limitation is now being lifted. However, I have no first hand knowledge of this.
  14. Slight mutations of the virus. The virus all over NYC is more similar to the one found in Europe, vs the west coast cases which are more similar to the ones found in China.
  15. It’s sort of a weird day for the market to be closed. I think I only knew because i get the day off. They company I work for follows the NYSE holiday calendar.
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