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  1. Quite an interesting theory! Of course, many other cruise lines are moving ships away from China, and I think Quantum class is way too big Antarctica. But it's certainly an interesting idea. I think if the larger RCL corporation wants to do Antarctica, they would probably built a very small ship, and leverage Celebrity, a la their Galapagos ships.
  2. Well the ship won't be ready until Fall 2020. (https://www.meyerwerft.de/en/meyerwerft_de/schiffe/kreuzfahrtschiffe/royal_caribbean_international/n_n__2/n_n_7.jsp) Anthem is going back to NJ in November 2020. Perhaps it will replace Anthem in Southampton?
  3. You know, Royal Caribbean once had to cancel a whole season of scheduled Quantum sailings to Bermuda, once they figured out that the ship was a little too long to safely make it to port...
  4. My Anthem sailing earlier this year had something similar: Sat - Bayonne Sun - Sea Mon - Florida Tue - CoCo Cay Wed - Nassau Thu - Sea Fri - Sea Sat - Bayonne https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compasses/anthem-of-the-seas/sat-2018-03-31-0000 The issue is that you don't get to Florida until noon. So it's not really one sea day, it's 1.5 days down. My Disney Magic cruise last year took 2 sea days to get down to Florida, but we docked very early in the morning in order to have a full day at Walt Disney World. That cruise only had time for 2 ports (Florida and Castaway Cay).
  5. karl_nj

    Reasons for booking a cruise

    Sounds like a great plan. Hopefully you manage to get him to become a cruise enthusiast! I love those 5 day Bermuda cruises.
  6. karl_nj

    Reasons for booking a cruise

    That must be quite the restaurant! I’ll have to keep it in mind next time I’m in the area.
  7. karl_nj

    My Time Dining - linking another guest

    You will get a weird error message if one cabin is booked in a "group" and one isn't.
  8. karl_nj

    Bringing my own wine

    I've been charged, occasionally, but it's sort of random. Same thing on other cruise lines too, sometimes they charge, sometimes they don't. If they don't charge me, I just add it to the cash tip I give them at the end of the cruise. So in my case, either the cruise line gets the cash, or the wait staff does.
  9. There is a glass blowing shop at Dockyard in Bermuda. My wife bought some earrings there a few years ago, when we were on a cruise. Unfortunately one broke on Thanksgiving day. We were both kinda bummed out, since they were nice earrings and they always reminded us of the first cruise (and only) we went on together without our children. Normally I have a few vacations planned ahead, but I hadn't booked anything for 2019 yet. I had been mulling over a few options for spring break, including a few cruises. That evening I emailed my Travel Agent to see if there were any connecting balcony cabins still available for the week our kids are off for Spring Break. I figured if there was anything available, it was meant to be. A few minutes later I got an email back letting me know that 2 connecting balcony cabins were indeed available. So, of course, I told her to book it immediately! Anyone else ever come up with tenuous reasons for booking cruise vacations?
  10. karl_nj

    Royal canceled my reservation!

    I was really worried that something similar would happen to me last Spring Break. My wife and I were in one room, and my 2 kids and mother were in the connecting room. My mother had to cancel before final payment. I was worried that we would be forced to move cabins, but it worked out OK. Not sure if my travel agent had to pull any strings, or if we just lucked out. Perhaps they realized that moving 2 minor children out of a connecting cabin would have been a bad idea.
  11. karl_nj

    Star Wars books

    Royal Caribbean libraries have little to no books onboard these days.
  12. Cunard has been doing this on their ships for a few years.
  13. karl_nj

    Is saving this cruise possible?

    Go check the prices for a Disney cruise that week. That will make you feel better 🙂
  14. karl_nj

    Will They Really Wait?

    Well, it's something that they advertise in their brochure: Promptness: It is essential that ALL guests be back onboard no later than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. This information is posted daily at the gangway. Although shore excursions meet these schedule requirements, even if you are not on a tour, you are also responsible for being back onboard the ship on time. If for any reason a tour is delayed, the shipboard management team will await the tour’s return. However, guests on tours with vendors not advertised through Royal Caribbean International are responsible for ensuring their return to the ship on time as it will not wait for them, despite any delays. However, you are correct to be wary, as they also say this: + In the unlikely event that your tour is significantly delayed, we’ll make all the arrangements for youto return to the ship at the earliest opportunity at no expense to you. So yes, theoretically if they are unable to get you back to the ship that day, then the ship may leave without you. But they will eventually get you back to the ship on a later date. However, I think it's likely in most cases that the ship will just wait. It's probably cheaper for the ship to wait, then to arrange hotels, meals, and air transportation for you.
  15. karl_nj

    Empress 7/30/18 5 Nights inc. Cuba

    Hope you are enjoying your cruise! Glad you are aware of the issue, and happy to hear that there is a plan to recitify in the future. Thanks!