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  1. Gift cards for carnival brands are way more useful. Disney too - their gift cards can be used for anything Disney. Can you return it?
  2. I live in NJ and find domestic flights out of EWR to generally be somewhat more expensive compared to LGA. UA sort of has a monopoly there, so they can charge whatever they want.
  3. Obviously this means you should lower your tip to 15% to make up for this lack of service.
  4. Yeah, I was just thinking that in case something happens, and they are unable to test you on the ship as promised (like their machine breaks, or something crazy), you might not be stuck overnight in the US. See if a Walgreens in NJ can give you the NAAT test, and keep driving towards Canada. They promise 24h turn around, but I bet you would likely get the results before you get to the border. I took one of these recently and got the results in about 1.5 hours. Obviously this would be way more stressful, and should be a backup plan, and not your primary plan (getting tested on the ship).
  5. Does Canada accept Abbot's ID Now test? Might be a good emergency backup. They say 24 hour turn around, but it seems to be more like an hour or two. Walgreens offers this test.
  6. I have a copy of the teen club schedules from Oasis this past October, but unfortunately I didn't get copies for Adventure Ocean, as my kids are older then yours. And any copies I do have are on the older side of things, from a few years ago, so they are likely not relevant in the current covid climate. Maybe Matt has some. Yes, I do agree with you. But there is a conspicuous absence right now of a lot of programming for all age groups.... e.g. Quest, Oasis class garden tours, C&A party for anyone under diamond plus, etc. I was just trying to point out that if Adventure Ocean is severely limiting occupancy right now due to Covid, it's unlikely they are going to run "open house" events in that space.
  7. Family Storytime with an Elf Family Holiday Ornaments These two are special holiday events, maybe they will start doing them after Thanksgiving? I'm not sure when they normally start doing these. Family Muffalo Potato Family Science Family Talent Show These were special Ocean Adventure activities that were opened up to parents also participating. You would seem them listed in both the kids schedule and the normal schedule. They would also run other sessions for kids only, and you would only see them on the kids schedule. It's quite possible that due to covid, they are trying to limit the amount of people participating in the kids club right now. Short answer -- things are different now due to COVID. Hopefully things open more more next year.
  8. From the NYTimes: Last week, the chief executive officer of Royal Caribbean, Richard Fain, said he expects an update on vaccine protocols for children soon, but no changes have been announced yet. “I think we’re moving in the direction where every cruise will have 100 percent of the crew vaccinated and 95 or more percent of the guests,” he said at a media event on board Odyssey of the Seas, a cruise ship owned by Royal Caribbean. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/11/17/travel/disney-cruise-vaccine-mandate.html
  9. I don't think it's anything other than the fact that water is heavy, and heavy on the top deck of the ship can be a problem. Don't want the ship to capsize. When they added more decks to QE2 they had to use aluminum, to cut down on weight. The "story behind" the AquaDuck water coaster on Disney Dream is that they wanted to do a lazy river on the ship, and then they realized that much weight was going to be a problem. So they made a water coaster instead.
  10. I do know there is a Vegan menu that is now available onboard, if that could be an option. I'm not Vegan, but I do know a family that is, and they really enjoyed the Vegan MDR menu on their cruise (right before the COVID shutdown).
  11. I was so paranoid that my kids were going to lose their vaccination cards as we all marched though the 15 checkpoints in Bayonne a couple of weeks ago... I think I need to look into one of these solutions for my December cruise.
  12. Anyone notice that Royal now has a song/video added to the onboard rotation, similar to Wash Your Hands? It explains that in order to continue going on cruises, you need to social distance... apparently you "gotta stay apart to be together..." It's certainly not as catchy as Wash Your Hands.
  13. There doesn't seem to be a very good way to download them on the ship. At least on an iPhone. You just get a webpage and you have to click on every single photo, download it, and then hit save to photos. So you would need to do this 50 or 100 times, depending on the package. It's not the speediest website either.
  14. I was still charged $25/day when I disembarked Oasis on 10/31.
  15. You missed out -- before GPS (and before mapquest.com) you could go there and ask for a "TripTik", and someone would make you a little binder of maps for a custom driving route for your road trip. They would use a highlighter to show the route. I recall using one of this when I was a kid in the late 80's to direct my mother on our driving trip to Lancaster PA. Was kinda nifty.
  16. It's awful you had to deal with something like this; it's really unacceptable. I'd give it a few days, and if you do want to escalate it up, you could write a concise email to Michael Bayley, and someone from exec relations would likely get back to you about it. I've complained about much lesser things, and gotten responses. But I also agree that you are likely to get better service, in general, if you find a *good* TA for future bookings. And you're likely to get better answers to most of your questions if you post them on message boards like this one. I hope you have an awesome time on your B2B cruise on Jewel in December!
  17. So about 56% capacity (assuming double occupancy is 100%)
  18. How's the first half of your B2B going so far?
  19. Fun theory, but I doubt that there was either a dedicated kids club area or that the children's program actually ran during port days on Song of Norway in 1971. Based on my experiences on Norwegian Caribbean Line in the mid 1980's, the kids program was likely run on sea days, out on one of the open decks. Dedicated kids club rooms would likely have only been found on larger ocean liners, in earlier decades.
  20. I was tempted to look for the new version of the speedmaster professional in st thomas a month ago, but it seemed like most of the stores in the port area were closed. I might have had better luck downtown.
  21. I’ve seen new omegas, at least on anthem. But only preowned rolexes, and no stainless sports models. A handful of datejusts, mostly.
  22. Thanks! Yeah, that was one of my thoughts about wanting my 12 year old in the teen club.
  23. Hey J — have you stopped by the teen club? Trying to figure out if my 12 year old will be in the teen club with her older brother, or in the kids club. If you happen to be there, could you ask the age range? Thanks! Hope you are enjoying the cruise!
  24. You can start the same cruise either out of Rome or Barcelona.
  25. Compared to most of the US, and the UK, NYC is doing pretty good. For now, at least.
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