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  1. If that is true, then how can planes fly out of Florida to countries that require vaccination?
  2. NJ public schools are closed Thursday 11/4 and Friday 11/5, so it's a popular family travel week for NJ residents. WDW gets busy that week too, especially towards the end of the week. So it is possible it's not bookable due to capacity reasons, but I think it's also possible that royal is trying to figure out the transatlantic and test cruises. Since the Conditional Sailing Order would still be in effect that week.
  3. Can anyone provide any first had knowledge of what the "end of cruise" covid testing is like on Adventure? I assume it's a nasal swab, but is the "poke up into the brain" or the "swirl around the lower part of the nose" test?
  4. Perhaps it will be the "honor system" with some tracking/enforcement. I've been 'tracked down' onboard -- the beverage manager on Anthem once wanted to stop by and say hello to me. One day I was sitting in the pub and having a drink, and after a few minutes he found me at my table. I assume he put some sort of alert on my card and got a notification. There are so many cameras onboard, one would think that security could easily be able to randomly track those who are not known to be vaccinated and make sure they are following any required additional protocols, such as indoor mask wearing. Sort of like casino security looking for people cheating at table games.
  5. The other possibility was that your wife wasn't very contagious. That doesn't mean that if you later run into a very contagious person that you won't come down with covid-19.
  6. Unlike NCL, which tends to cancel before final payment, or Disney, which has been delaying final payment, that doesn't seem to be in Royal's playbook. I enjoy sailing Royal a great deal, but I can't say i've been super impressed with their behavior during the pandemic. Other cruise lines are "in the same boat" (sorry!) but seem to operating in a bit of a more customer friendly manner. But I could be wrong -- all of my bookings during the pandemic have been with Royal, so there might be a bit of a "grass is greener" thing going on in my head. And I do realize the cruise lines have been in a very tough situation during the pandemic.
  7. Very glad to hear that my local cruise port is making progress on resuming operations too. I was assuming the focus would be on Florida for a while.
  8. Yes, I think this is Royals concern. In numbers, the 0.5-11 year old passenger bracket may be low, but grandma may cancel her 75th birthday cruise, and the 6 cabins of passengers booked for this trip could decide to fly to a resort in Mexico if her 11 year old granddaughter is banned from the ship.
  9. It would be smart, but it seems like Carnival corp doesn't believe in status matches. They can't even figure out how to do a match between Princess and Cunard or HAL.
  10. Sometimes cruise lines change. My in-laws used to love to sail on NCL in the 90's. They ended up at the highest "Latitudes" level that existed at the time (more have been added since). But then NCL implemented their "Freestyle Dining" program, and they weren't pleased. They gave it a try for a few more sailings, but they rarely sail NCL anymore. This is one reason why chasing loyalty program level's is risky. Better to pick the "best" cruise, and not limit yourself to a specific line. Perhaps that means going with Princess or HAL for that one off Alaska cruise, and then going back to your preferred cruise line for your yearly Caribbean cruise, or whatever.
  11. Well, that would be one way to cull the number of passengers to meet the other CDC requirements...
  12. And they may have a point. According to The Economist a 15 year old male who tests positive for COVID-19 has under a .01% chance of death and a .6% chance of hospitalization. See how age and illnesses change the risk of dying from covid-19 | The Economist But I don't want to drag this into covid politics, so I won't comment further.
  13. I was never really a big fan of USA Today. The only redeeming quality they had was that they employed Gene Sloan, who did a good job covering the cruise industry. After they laid him off for cost cutting, their cruise reporting has been terrible (matching the rest of their reporting).
  14. Dealing with the J&J stuff has probably also been taking up everyone's time. Plus, until now, there has been enough demand for the vaccine from those 16+. Only recently has demand slowed down.
  15. I believe Pfizer completed trials for 12-15 and has submitted them to the CDC for approval.
  16. No, I haven't been able to find the actual letter. Seems like this might be better news for NCL then Royal. It matches up with their restart plans closer (e.g. no unvaccinated children onboard).
  17. The WSJ is also reporting it, and doesn't mention USAToday. Cruise operators could restart sailings out of the U.S. by mid-July, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said, paving the way to resume operations that have been suspended for longer than a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The CDC, in a letter to cruise-industry leaders Wednesday evening, also said cruise ships can proceed to passenger sailings without test cruises if they attest that 98% of crew members and 95% of passengers are fully vaccinated. The move was a result of twice-weekly meetings with cruise representatives over the past month, the agency said.
  18. Yes, basically you can call in and they can cancel and rebook with the new price. I've also had luck picking seats for Air2Sea flights booked on Delta and on SAS. Not sure if it is as easy on other airlines. If you re-price and they rebook you, you need to go pick you seats again. I actually had to go into the "old" reservation, move my seats, and then go into the new reservation and pick those seats I wanted again. Cancelling it on the Air2Sea system didn't seem to cancel it on Delta's system immediately. It is a terrible website. Sometimes I'll just play around with the search criteria and the flights I want eventually show up.
  19. Strange. Did they say why they moved you off of your return flight? Does it have to do with the change you requested from JFK to EWR?
  20. Are the original flights you still booked still available? Or is this actually the airline consolidating flights?
  21. I don't believe the letter actually had an end date -- "These stringent requirements will remain in place until public health conditions allow for the implementation of more lenient protocols." If you read "until October" somewhere, it's possible the assumption was that this would be until the "CDC Framework for Conditional Sailing Order for Cruise" ends on Nov 1st.
  22. Cruise critic seems to think harmony will move to the U.K. and do U.K. only cruises this summer, based on some Facebook post by a cruise director.
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