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  1. My TA is @michelle. I have nothing but great things to say about her. She responds to my many emails at all hours of the day and evening. I highly recommend her!
  2. I used to be able to in the old cruise planner now that’s it’s a new updated one I can no longer modify
  3. That makes more sense to me. I was on the Oasis in September and my cabin was changed a few days before. Royal told me it was because of maintenance issues but I found out when I was onboard that part of the deck my original cabin was on was housing quarantined crew.
  4. I found having the refreshment package as well as the Diamond vouchers was perfect for me.
  5. What most surprises me about this thread is that this is for March, spring break. That is not for 5 months. We all know how much things can change in that time. Why just this particular sailing? Are other people getting these emails booked in other ships and dates?
  6. Ok thanks for the help! Once again, things just can’t be easy with Royal tech lol
  7. Thank you, I saw that. I am afraid to cancel without seeing what other times are still available. I used to be able to choose modify.
  8. Before the change over to the new cruise planner I was able to modify times of my time dining reservations. I no longer can figure out a way to do this anymore. Am I missing something?
  9. We had an accessible ocean balcony that apparently needs maintenance and the accessible crown loft was the only available option. Seriously like winning the lottery.
  10. Do I make reservations there when I get onboard? Do you know what meals are served there?
  11. I just got a call from Royal. I am cruising on the Oasis this Sunday 9/12. They told me they had to move my cabin from an ocean view balcony to a Crown Loft Suite!!! At no charge! Please let me know what perks beyond the amazing suite we can expect. I haven’t had time to do any research. We will be on deck 17. Wooohoooo!!!
  12. I’m not going to lie, this post almost gave me a heart attack until I noticed the original date. Not cool.
  13. If I were to purchase and reserve a specialty restaurant on the cruise planner and then changed my mind once onboard could I get a refund? Also, if I had a reservation that I previously paid for and then I purchase a 2 or 3 night package could I go to that restaurant once onboard and switch it to be covered under my plan?
  14. I have one. It’s crazy that they aren’t giving any options as we aren’t supposed to be using the machines but if we don’t it’s life threatening. I am just continuing to use mine keeping my fingers crossed they find a remedy soon.
  15. I believe around July 21st for Sept 12th sailing
  16. I had the key for Oasis 9/12 sailing and it was cancelled.
  17. Does anyone know where to go at Cape Liberty to meet up with pier assistance? I already filled out the request form but need to know where to drop the hubby off when I go park the car.
  18. 31 days here and no check in available yet.
  19. Royal canceled mine for Sept Oasis cruise ?
  20. Highlighters for those that still prefer the old school printed out daily compasses.
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