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  1. Please let us know how this goes! I (intramural) fenced (for a semester) in college. When I heard they had this as an activity, I got so excited! What style do they offer?
  2. Maybe my girlfriend was on to something with saying no this sailing for my birthday cruise request! @Matt, et al, stay safe this weekend!
  3. With the location move to the MDR, does this mean Jamie’s is no longer a choice for The Key embarkation lunch? The only enticing program benefits for me are the internet and lunch. Being a non-meat eater, Jamie’s was more appealing than Chops.
  4. Also, their local tourism site has a port map and a few pictures.
  5. There’s one in Costa Maya (Mexico).
  6. Do you mean the February 17, 2020 sailing? If so, you might to take a look at this thread:
  7. This sounds so wonderful! My only cruise complaint was the lack of protein.
  8. I am excited because I can sit on the floor and watch the ocean. I am hoping you can partially open the window for fresh air. From what I remember reading on this site, OA 5 is supposed to have them.
  9. Happy 17! My first couple’s vacation was on Symphony in April. She’s a good luck ship! I wish you 17x17 more years!
  10. Virtual Balcony only — I’m scared of heights and loose items flying away. In my irrational fear-induced mind, that includes my rear end! 😂 I’m so excited about the upcoming Infinite Verandas!
  11. I wish I had known about this before my April cruise! This is why I love this blog and its community! ❤️🌱🚢
  12. Sabrina, a huge thanks to you and your family for taking us along on your SC adventure! It has given me (and I am sure all readers of this blog) an opportunity to step away and imagine what our lives can be! Sometimes, we all just need a little hope. Like so many others have joked, how can you go back to regular suite life?!?! Which is still pretty fancy for me!! Safe travels back home!!
  13. It is also stinks that it took me 3 months to come up with enough content to reach Gold status on this site. William Wallace is so prolific he gets it in an hour! 😂😂😂
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