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  1. I just bought it for my September 2023 Harmony sailing. I did two bookings: one for me and one for the other Mrs. SuperStarian. The Celebrity Premier says it is per person. If Royal honors this as a package, I cancel hers. If Royal does not honor the package, we both keep it. I really just wanted to lock in the $89!!!
  2. My fiancée is vegan and I am a vegetarian. We have found a good number of selections in the Windjammer; however, they are not usually labeled. I found that there is a little expectation to know how some items are generally made. If something has a sauces or broths that contain meat, there will be signs to say that they do. In the MDR, they have a rotating vegan menu. I am not sure if you need to pre-request the curry. This is your family’s dream vacation. The staff and crew are there to make sure you have an enjoyable time. Do not hesitate to ask if something is or isn’t to your daughter’s dietary needs! Have a wonderful vacation!
  3. No worries! I just wanted to make sure I did not miss anything. I will reach out to my MEI TA for information on the St. Kitts excursion.
  4. How will we know what group activities are planned? Will we have to give the secret word when we see a group member at the Windjammere?
  5. On my July 2022 sailing on Mariner (for the Royal Caribbean Blog Group Cruise), I saw half day passes are being offered again for Thrill Waterpark.
  6. 07/17/2022 - Mariner 09/16/2023 - Harmony (My Honeymoon with Friends!)
  7. I have a PopSocket wallet for my iPhone. I used that to hold my card.
  8. Well, all that hype for nothing! I just received this email.
  9. Day 3 was Nassau. We shared the port with Carnival Legend, Norwegian Gem, Disney Magic and Celebrity Millennium. As I always say, you know cruising is back when so many major lines have ships in the same port! Once again, I have never said that until now. Kiesha started the day with an excursion: Essential Nassau Sights & Flavors. She had a great time except all the restaurants and shops were closed. The people of Nassau really missed out because Kiesha could have single-handedly recovered their economy. As has become my trend, I started my day eating. I had first breakfast in the Solarium and second breakfast in the Windjammer. I participated in Visual TV Trivia and got 16 out of 20. After trivia, it was time for lunch. We had a large Bahamian congregation on board, including the Prime Minister. For lunch, the Windjammer was Caribbean themed. I ate then I had to go find Kiesha. I found her resting in our cabin. I asked her if she had eaten. She had not so I told her all about the Caribbean food, which she absolutely loves. Kiesha enjoyed the Windjammer’s selection and said everything was on point. After lunch, it was nap time until we got ready for formal night. For dinner, it was back to the Main Dining Room. I had the vegan tortilla soup, vegan spaghetti “bolognese” and apple blossom. Kiesha had the calamari, stuffed portobello mushroom and the crème brûlée. The night’s entertainment was a double act: The Book in 270 and Tap Factory in the Royal Theater. Both shows were great! Both casts were very talented! After the shows, we called it an early night. Today is CoCo Cay: The Remix. Best of the Day: Cheese omelette at the Solarium Not So Best of the Day: People not wearing masks during a show open for everyone. People dropping their status level for benefits. The staff knows how to read and can see your level on your SeaPass card. It appears you cannot read because you are sitting in unavailable seating.
  10. This show was so incredible! I loved how the female roles had the strong percussion beats! Empowering! Gorgeous photos!
  11. She was so surprised and happy! This has been one of my best vacations!
  12. Kiesha and I had very different starts to our day! She went to the 7:00 AM complimentary stretching class, then breakfast. I just had breakfast. We ready to debark at 9:30 AM. How amazing is CoCo Cay! Kiesha and I had so much relaxing fun! We hung out at Oasis Lagoon on the morning (sun was warm and the water was cold). We had lunch at Chill Beach. We ended the day at Harbor Beach. Upon return to the ship, we napped and had pre-dinner snack of Sorrento’s. Then it was dinner. I had the zucchini fritter, tofu tacos, lemon tartlet and mud pie. Kiesha had the shrimp ceviche, short ribs, cheesecake and crème brûlée. After dinner, we saw Showgirls! It was so good! I danced in my seat for 45 minutes. After the show, we were exhausted. I went to hang out in the solarium and almost fell asleep. Kiesha was supposed to meet me but she fell asleep in the room. #old Today is Nassau. Best of the Day: Showgirls Not So Best of the Day: The ship was having satellite issues which caused Voom to be down about half of the day.
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