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  1. Just wondering why Radiance of the Seas is still in dry dock. It arrived in dry dock in Cadiz, Spain in the end of August and is still there in November. Is the ship just docked, rather than sailing and spending money on fuel or are there major structural issues? You guys indicated it was just a technical dry dock. Seems a bit long for such a endeavor.
  2. Check and see if your state has a registry. Virginia does and you can get a QR code that can be read by an app to verify the vaccination status.
  3. Royal may not have a choice if the destinations require the kids over 5 to be fully vaccinated. If going on a cruise with the entire family, everyone will need to be vaccinated.
  4. It looks like Radiance of the Seas is docked in Spain. Is this a sign of refurbishment?
  5. 588,569 dead Americans is hysteria? come on man. Do your part so we can all be safe. Unless you have a medical condition that prevents getting the vaccine, get it so we can all be safe. If you have a medical condition that prevents getting the vaccine, then you may want to talk to your doctor before you book a cruise, a flight or a vacation to any congested resort. Just saying
  6. You guys down under did it right because you followed the science. We followed an idiot who knew more than the doctors and the scientists - NOT. I have stayed home and avoided crowds, worn a mask, and am now fully vaccinated. I followed the science and stayed healthy.
  7. Sorry - we are all in this together. If that person is sick with a variant of COVID-19, you may or may not get sick. You also could be asymptomatic and spread it. We won't be safe until we have hear immunity. We most likely will need a booster shot. Now if that person who gets sick is your neighbor, is that ok?
  8. The cruise line could say no vaccine - you can wave from the dock. Can't go as other countries are requiring the vaccine. If you refuse to get the vaccine - stay home, do not go out to the store, do not go to ball games or concerts, do not infect others. I am tired of those people who think they know more than doctors and scientists. 588,569 Americans are dead because of these idiots.
  9. She should talk to both her OBGYN and a specialist in infectious disease. This is a question for people must smarter than any of us.
  10. The vaccine may or may not be 100% effective against all of the variants. The science is saying, if you get 1 of the variants, you may get sick but not die. You can also spread it to others even though you are asymptomatic. We will most likely need a booster shot (like the annual flue vaccine) to ward against the variants. The more people who refuse to get the vaccine or fail to go back for their 2nd vaccine, the longer this will be with us. Your choice, wear a mask at the grocery store and in crowds, or be part of continued spread. We do not have heard immunity yet because people are refusing to get vaccinated, forgetting to get the 2nd shot, and refusing to wear masks in crowds. There were 56,604 cases yesterday and 954 families last a loved one. Your choice.
  11. You are the problem. If we do not wear masks and get vaccinated, we will have more spikes and end of like India. This is real. 588,569 Americans are dead because of your lack or respect for others. Unless you have a medical degree plus PhD, you do not have the knowledge to question the science. These people are smart, really smart. Wear a mask. Get a vaccine or we will be living like this for years.
  12. If you chose not to be vaccinated, then do not go on the cruise, do not fly on a plane, do not go out to restaurants, do not go to the office. You are not welcome around those of us who are concerned with staying healthy. There is a public health reason why schools require students to be vaccinated. These illnesses spread and can kill people. COVID-19 is still a global pandemic. Look at India. If you don't want to get the vaccine. Your choice. Just stay home.
  13. I understand that this forum may not know the answers to these questions. But does cruise industry have an obligation to contract with these businesses to grow the economy. Most large businesses either contract directly with minority/women owned business or include it in their bid requirements that contractors use subcontractors that meet these requirements. Many local governments require this to use government funded or owned facilities. Florida is different. My guess is their words before Congress and the administration would carry more weight if they could say these local businesses are impacted. Matt - I think a story highlighting the human impact on these businesses would be interesting for us all.
  14. How much money (either $ or %) is contracted with minority or women owned small businesses for restocking the ships on turnaround day? The amount of money spent in Florida ports to replenish the ships must be huge. Is any of the money contracted with these businesses? If not, what will Royal Caribbean and the other cruise lines commit to to grow the local economy. I'm 100% confident this would go a long way in reopening sailing.
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