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  1. In other words....you have to buy an adult meal to get the deal???
  2. I noticed that kids (12 and under) can get free BBQ on embarkation day and port days, but does their need to be a purchase? This was something I found while watching a YouTube video. Any info appreciated.
  3. So we had this same problem........ We are a family of four, plus my dad...... 4 of us in a room....it was 900PP 2 of us in a room.....it was 400 pp So.....1 room of 4 for 3600 or 2 rooms for 1600....crazy right?!?!?! 1 person in 1 room.....$2200....I can't make this up....SOLO rate was RI-DONK-CULOUS!!!! Luckily my friend who has a family of 5 is coming as well.....so he got TWO rooms and my dad is sharing a room with one of his daughters [on paper]..... We'll most likely cram in one room and use other as storage and an extra bathroom, but luckily everyone was able to get rooms next to each other [especially my friend's 3 rooms with my dad for muster drill purpose]. I feel you on how it works.....
  4. Hello, My daughter will just have turned 9, but her friend also on the cruise will be 8. Is there any way they would be able to be in the same group? [either up or down]? What is their flexibility on this? TIA
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