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  1. We are so excited! My daughter made a countdown calendar and there was a mini-celebration when we got down to single digits this morning!
  2. Welcome all first timers! The Anthem is a wonderful ship; this will be our third time on her. @RyanM if you would like to utilize the nursery for your 1yo, you will need to head to Adventure Ocean on boarding day to sign them up for hours. You do have to pay for the nursery - I believe it's $6/hour - but imo it's worth every penny. The crew working there is wonderful and so good with the kids.
  3. This will be our third time on Anthem! It's so easy to just drive to port from Long Island. Excited for the extra day since the previous two have been 7 day trips. Debating whether or not to stay on board in Miami or do an everglades tour. This might be our only chance for that so it's a tough decision!
  4. My family and I are on this sailing! It will be me, my husband, and our 8yo daughter and 3yo son. Looking forward to it!
  5. Oh I LOVED reading through this! We were on the week prior in the suite next to you! We had Simona and felt the same way - how could she POSSIBLY have other families; she's always around for us! There was one night in CK when she was seating and chatting with a couple she had and Jolie (my 7yo) goes "Oh, there's Simona!" and proceeded to STAND UP AND WAVE HER ARMS and say really loudly, "SIMONA! OVER HERE!" it was mortifiying, lol. I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip - it wasn't our first cruise but it was our first Star Class and hoo boy there's no going back, haha.
  6. We're on her with you! lol the 20-27, yeah? So excited!
  7. Oooh does anyone know if Vintages on Anthem has apps/tapas?
  8. No not in particular but thank you! We were on her back in 2019 when I was pregnant with the 2yo! Haha. Just excited to read long and see pictures! Your family is so cute!
  9. Following along! My husband anI and our two kids (7 and 2) will be on Anthem in 30 days! This only feeds my excitement!
  10. So happyI found this! We have the same cabin on March 20th and the closer it gets, the less I can wait, haha. It will be our first star class experience too. That being said, I am thrilled to be following along here! Happy boarding day! It's a beautiful day in NY and you should have a lovely sailaway!
  11. Following along! We're in 10324 on the March 20 sailing. As I said on FB, we have the same itinerary, but even moreso we ALSO plan to stay on the ship in PC and Nassau. This will be a repeat of a trip we took in 2019 when I was pregnant with our now-2yo. But this time, in a suite with the amenities, and an older big sister (4 back then, 7 now), it's all about the ship's activities (she brings up the missed bumper cars at least once a month) and CCC!
  12. I've just read through this whole blog in 3 days and I got misty-eyed at the end, lol! Thank you for taking the time. I'm pre-pre-pre-preparing for our first ever SC cruise on Oasis, 8/28/22. We'll be in the same cabin location and will have our two kids with us, Jolie (will be 8), and Julian, (will be 3 the day after we get off the ship). It's been helpful to see what it's like, what can and cannot be done, with unvaxxed kids, especially re the SC perks. Who knows, by next august maybe the older will be vaxxed. I also appreciated your notes and tips on SC in general. My husband and I don't like feeling like we're "putting someone out" so seeing you and others here say to be exact and ask for what you want, reach out the the genie, tell crew you're SC, etc etc, is comforting in that that's what makes SC work for both the passenger(s) and the genie. lastly, I really want to thank you for mentioning how you do dinner with the kids. Our first cruise with our daughter was when I was pregnant with our son. We got a balcony and didn't splurge too much bc we didn't know how she'd take to cruising. That being said, we ate dinner in the MDR a few nights and good lord it took forever - and Jolie is a Good Restaurant Kid, but when even she was getting antsy we knew we had to eschew that for the Windjammer. But we do prefer to eat in restaurants, so I'll definitely be taking a page out of you book there! So thanks again! This really has been a goldmine of information! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for your November blog lol
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