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  1. We had no expectations of what our genie could do for our immediate family and we were pleasantly surprised when we were able to sit together at shows (behind the other star families). Dinner reservations, as you mentioned, were easily done since we all had the dining package. Our genie allowed us to have my parents (non star) take the place of my two kids (star class) at chefs table and I simply paid the additional for my parents. In suite the family could come and go and help themselves to the drinks and snacks.
  2. thanks for keeping it real - your blog is not only funny it's setting real expectations!
  3. Following your experience as we are on Ovation in June!
  4. @cruisinnewbie thanks for all this detail! We are June 10 Alaska GLS. Can you tell me which Relief Band you used? We did a micro disney cruise the other weekend and I was surprised and not being able to walk in a straight line and I wasn't interested in my champagne. Clearly I need a relief band! Also what is "hiding ducks" about?!
  5. Myswlf, my husband and 14 year old son will be at the very back of this ship!!
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