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  1. Thanksgiving aboard Anthem. Nice. Did the Everglades excursion last month. Saw some alligators in the wild and a short live alligator show with an alligator handler. Came home and started watching the Netflix show Wild Croc Territory. Very impressive creatures and a fun excursion.
  2. We're still booked through CLT on Thursday early afternoon but I also booked a fully refundable evening flight through Chicago, if issues arise. Now I just have to remember to cancel one or the other. I also booked a one-way car rental but not keen on that option. Safe travels all.
  3. True. We usually don't travel from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend but love to get away the rest of the year.
  4. Decided to try a winter cruise out of New York. Tracy and I are from Rochester though I grew up in Brooklyn not far from the Verrazano Bridge. Figure come February we will have had enough of the Rochester winter.
  5. I suspect your fare is fine as I just jumped aboard a few weeks ago. Now we get to count down the days too.
  6. Pricing may have changed today, June 16th. It's worth taking a look and repricing as needed.
  7. I wondered the same thing. Sure the suites sell quicker on trans Atlantic cruises but sold out over 18 months in advance? Tracy and I are likely to join the fun. Most of our cruising has been trans Atlantic and I have this one on hold. We were scheduled for Odyssey last year but Royal Caribbean cancelled the routing. By the time I went to Lift and Shift I'd miss the deadline by 6 days and RC wouldn't make an exception. Instead I ended up with 200 in cruise credit. As before this looks like fun.
  8. From Rochester, NY Tracy and I will be joining the fun. Not been on a ship bigger than the Voyager class and first cruise since 2018.
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