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  1. Does anyone know if Labadee has been cancelled until further notice due to recent events in Haiti? It is still showing on our itinerary for February but I was curious if anyone had insight on this? Thank you!
  2. @CravingaCruise What an awesome blog! Such a great read! I should be asleep by now but I’m reading this over and over again like a good beach read book! Thank you for such informative and detailed information. I cannot wait for our February cruise on Anthem!
  3. I love that I am working form home now! I can catch up on my "stories" AKA live blogs. LOL
  4. Following! We do Anthem GLS 10324 in February. Can’t wait to read about your experiences!
  5. So sorry for your loss! What a touching story and such a nice thing for your family to do together to honor your mother. Cannot wait to read about your star class experience!
  6. Following!!! Have a great time preparing for your first Star Class cruise!!! My husband and I are going on our first Star Class cruise in February! We are also leaving out of Bayonne!!! Cannot wait to see your amazing experience come to reality!!!! Happy Blogging!
  7. This is odd to me. I mean no distancing between machines I kind of understand (the casinos here do not put distance between machines and tables any longer either) but I think that smoking in the casino should not be happening. Im not anti smoking per se, but I think this would be another form of Covid 19 protocol. It is like freely blowing airborne particles in the air. Maybe I am wrong but I am surprised to hear this.
  8. I love live blogs! LOL This one is a good one! It's hard to get any work done because I am living vicariously through your cruise! Enjoy!!! I cannot wait for our February Anthem SC cruise!!! It is our first so I am even more excited lol.
  9. Thank you for such great information! Curious to see what changes will occur (if any) by the time of our February Star Class Cruise!
  10. @AshleyDillo Do you feel the Covid protocols have affected your cruise experience at all? Do you feel there are many inconveniences or overall are things as normal as they can be during this time?
  11. @jaullram I agree those emails need to be renamed. I would have a full blown panic attack if I saw that flipping through my inbox! Never heard of the Telehealth test. I will need to keep this in mind for our sailing!
  12. Thank you everyone! Some great ideas here! Is Coastal Kitchen a great option besides filet night to book for multiple dinners? Normally on Royal we have mostly done the specialty dining rooms only because we have not been huge fans of the MDR's offerings on Royal (the food has not always been consistent). @WAAAYTOOO, I have been working with Private Journeys to book an excursion to celebrate our anniversary. While doing so I asked Private Journey's about the Labadee Cabanas (I did mention Barefoot Beach) and she said they were all sold out. I remember you have mentioned the Labadee cabanas for SC before and I figure they may have not release the Cabanas on Barefoot Beach yet.
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