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  1. we had 8724 but 10324 came available again so we nabbed it. Like others, I am thankful to @WAAAYTOOO because I very well would have booked a cornerif I didnt see the blog she wrote. That is why I love this blog site. I thought I knew all there is to know about cruising before joining, but boy was I wrong LOL.
  2. Great advice from everyone! Honestly the more I think about it @twangsterand @Lovetocruise2002are probably right about Covid. I probably need to be slightly more realistic but I am just dreaming of partying like @Matt and @WAAAYTOOO LOL. I appreciate the advice and at the end of the day, it is great to just have open and candid discussions about cruising. I literally am in cruise withdrawal lol.
  3. Hi! Need some advice....We want to partake in a cabin crawl but I have never organized one before? Thought @WAAAYTOOO may be a good one to ask about this. We have a Grand Loft suite booked and I wanted to coordinate one with the Facebook group that is on my sailing. Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated! Andrew & Rob
  4. That sounds great! do you have information on that rum tour?
  5. We have been to St. Maarten/St.Martin many times and I feel like the beach & port shopping there is getting a bit tired. Any suggestions on fun things to do/see/go or unique excursions to do here?
  6. @Lovetocruise2002 you are the "Royal Genie" of this thread THANK YOU!!! I am so excited to book more LOL. It is crazy because I do not even know when we can cruise again, but frankly I do not care anymore LOL. I will just keep booking and switching until I finally can sail LOL. Looking forward to vacationing again is keeping us sane through all of this.
  7. Who else is dying for the 2023 itineraries to come out??? Part of me wishes they could release half or all 2023 so I can get excited and book ahead. Anyone else chomping at the bit to book more cruises???
  8. @JaxI have not gone through the reviews, because I was lured by the deal...silly mistake lol. I never want to know about that coffee maker LOL. Even though I have not experienced the Newark hotels, I have stayed in the Hilton Garden Inn of Staten Island. Free parking , reliable shuttle and clean room. It’s nothing fancy but is attached to a restaurant/ballroom space. This spot is definitely worth checking out. We were just looking for other options that were a bit more upscale and different from what we’ve done. Probably will wind up finding a decent place that offers free or low parkin
  9. Hi!!! Super curious and interested to hear everyone’s input (not class of ships, rather the ship itself and one reason why? Drew
  10. Hi! been a busy week but I did find some information. There are multiple hotels in the area that offer a cruise and stay package, however many still charge for parking at a reduced rate. BUUUUUUUUTTTTTTT......There are three hotels 10 miles or closer from the terminal that offer free parking for at least seven nights if you stay the night before. In addition these hotels offer free shuttle service to and from the cruise terminal. While I was looking for a few different "upscale" options, free shuttle transport AND free parking is really nice! These hotels are: Hilton Garden In
  11. Hi everyone, @Rmauch1163 and I would like to say THANK YOU for welcoming us into your Cruiser Community! While I have @Rmauch1163 catching up on all the Live Blogs I have already read, I am sitting here reflecting. I am reflecting on how much information we have already learned in the few weeks since we have joined this blog. Special shout out to @Jax, @WAAAYTOOO, @SweetPea and @Lovetocruise2002 . Your blogs and information have REALLY helped us with planning. Yes, we have over a year to go but planning this cruise out is keeping us going everyday. I have said it before but after ou
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