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  1. We booked this tour for our upcoming January 2020 Anthem 11 day cruise! If you go before us, let us know what you think!
  2. Awesome! I was hoping you could pick up something at the port. We wanted to go to Big Key, but when I finally made up my mind, it was all booked up through RCL! I will try at the port! Thank you!
  3. First time going to this port, was wondering what beaches are the best to visit! Do you advise booking directly through the ship or picking up taxis at the port? Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! TIA
  4. You’ll probably love the Independence, the Freedom class are my favorite ships! I wish they had made more than just three! We are trying the Harmony for the first time the end of September, we have sailed on Oasis quite a few times, looking forward to some of the differences on Harmony!
  5. We have eaten at Solarium Bistro on Oasis on two different sailings, we enjoyed it both times. My husband loves Mediterranean food, so he was quite happy. The appetizers and dessert are buffet style and you order your entree. We really enjoyed our meal, the ambience was beautiful and it was quiet. We have it booked for our Harmony sailing in September 2019, we will see how that one is compared to Oasis.
  6. I just booked all MTD for our November 2020 TA! That was a surprise!
  7. I am also having this issue, it says I have zero reservations—— but I have three! I don’t have the energy to deal with this!!
  8. She was our first RCL ship that we sailed on also, August of 2005! We went through hurricane Katrina, that was an experience! I love what they have done to her, I would love to cruise on her again, but those short cruises.............. not a fan! But the ship is gorgeous, so I could be persuaded ! Haha!
  9. I’m so glad you’re blogging! Your blogs are so informative and they always make me want to book a cruise! Darn, my poor bank account!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂
  10. My husband did the zip line in Labadee the end of September 2018 and he used the hand held mount with his go-Pro, just made sure the wrist strap was on tight! He had a blast and got some really nice footage! It was awesome!!
  11. The royal promenade is on deck 5 and is just like the one on the Mariner, enclosed. The Boardwalk and Central Park area are open to the elements. The restaurants in Central Park have large umbrellas available to use to get to the restaurants, we had to use them once, really not a big deal, as the walk is very short!
  12. I would concur with Jaimie’s. We just got off of Anthem and dined at both Wonderland and Jaimie’s. We thoroughly enjoyed both meals, but we were all adults, Wonderland might be lost on the kids! Wonderland is a must try, at least once, but make it a special adult evening occasion!
  13. I love Freedom, one of my favorite ships! I was on her last April 2018, she looked great and love the crew! The food in the MDR was some of the best I’ve had, cheers to the chefs!
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