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  1. My first cruise was on a 50 person plus group cruise for a wedding: I did no research on the ship, beverage options, shore excursions, (didn't know cruise planner existed, as everything but drinks and shopping was taken care of)......I just did what my in-laws said/suggested. 3 night Bahamas cruise, my husband and I racked up a $450+ bar tab (didn't include the extra juice, coffee, bottled waters, we also had), got stuck doing activities we didn't like because we didn't know other options existed. Only plus; over half of the group went snorkeling in cold rough water and had a terrible time, while we chose to sit on the beach with an all you can drink $20 coconut and go shopping (had a blast!)
  2. I don't believe this is true (for the cruise fare), if you booked under the Non-refundable Deposit, you will lose the deposit. (my deposit was $200). This is for a cancel re-book. You can reprice, which technically is a new booking, but isn't cancelling. I call all the time and reprice, done it 3 times (including today) and ask nicely for the lower advertised price, reservation number stays the same.
  3. Hello! I am planning our 3rd cruise for 10 year wedding anniversary, and this is the first trip without the extended family. On the first 2 cruises the mother in law decided everyone would eat together traditional dinning first seating. This is way to early for myself and my husband, we usually were not even hungry then. We usually don't eat dinner until 8 pm or later Iowa time. I choose the 8:00 second seating traditional dinning when booking, because I do enjoy having the same wait staff every evening. Looking at the compass and current trips on the app, it appears that the second seating my conflict with a lot of the shows and/or activities I was looking forward to. So my question is, does anyone know if first or second seating is busier/crowded one time over the other? Would it be more beneficial to try the MTD? I don't like waiting in lines on vacation, lol. It is only 2 of us, does that make it faster to get a table with MTD, if I choose not to make reservations in advance? Thank you.
  4. I upgrade to a JS over regular balcony on Indy, based on the bath room alone. A bigger bathroom is worth every penny! I also repriced the booking when it was on sale saving $194 off original price, then did the upgrade for only $200. Basically only cost me $6 to upgrade over original booking price. 11/27/2019 - Just saved another $75 with the Black Friday instant credit going up to $150! Score!! To bad I am planning way too early to get a discount on anything else #April2021
  5. I noticed in some fine print the Key Program is only available for purchase until November 16th (it's a test program I was told), so is you sail after that you don't have to worry. Also, Royal Caribbean has moved the location of lunch for people in the Key Program to Main Dining Room (still Chops lunch menu), so everyone could get faster/better service and they could accept walk in paying customers back into Chops Grill.
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