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  1. I'd like to know if Playmakers serves food on embarkation day! Which cabin are you booked in?
  2. Only he is a cat, lol. We call him Troll cause he lived under our steps and demanded treats when we went outside, lol. He was 16 lbs when we took him in Jan 2018, (that week long -25 outside), he is a solid mass of 24 lbs now, like a line backer, but a sweetheart.
  3. I have 2 Meow's that are terrible and 1 Big Boy named Troll that loves a good bath, every Friday in fact. Loves it! It is crazy.
  4. Off this subject - If I wanted to treat the 2 cousins coming with us on this trip to embarkation lunch at Chops, how do I go about paying for people in a different room? Can I just charge the entire bill to my seapass card?
  5. Eat 1 Entree, wait and hour and go back....
  6. Not planning on bringing them drinks, I am a strict rule follower (lol), and the 2 in JS are getting a drink package. The drinks being removed from lounge would be consumed by the 2 people staying in the Grand Suite. We just don't want to hang out in the lounge when family is aboard and there is another bar right next to it.
  7. Hello! I finally got hubby to agree to upgrade to a Grand Suite and I am pumped!! First cruise out of the interior (never going back). We have 2 family members traveling along in a Junior Suite. I know that they will not have lounge access, but during happy hour would it be allowed (for the 2 in GS) go into lounge to get a drink and then meet up (with 2 in JS) in Olive or Twist, or Viking Crown Lounge? I read conflicting posts about drinks being allowed to be taken out of lounge. Also, is bottled water or soda provided in lounge (without any type of drink package), if yes, is it only available during happy hour? I personally couldn't justify a drink package, when the JS to GS was less money compared to 2 people DX package at 30% off, and we were planning at Day Pass at Cozumel. Thanks in advance!! Also, we are lonely Gold Tier, so no Diamond perks for us.
  8. My cousin from WI also would like to know this answer.
  9. My husband and I did a guided tour of the aquarium and it was fantastic. Our tour guide was hilarious. After the tour you are free to wander back though at your own pace. After that we walked outside and onto the beach. Some parts were obviously part of the hotel behind them, but no one ever hassled us. Once you get past Rio (I think?), you are on the public beach, where a very nice man will chop the top off a coconut and fill it with booze (all day long) for $20! We have done this twice and are never disappointed, especially now that a second nice man will walk by and offer you a cuban cigar for less than $20. We took a sketchy taxi, that I thought would break down over the bridge the first time (it died, but made it safely). Transportation was provided the second time (with tour), it was a very safe bus. The tour took at least an hour, I don't remember for sure because we went back though for a while and coconut drinks..... I think the tour was like $40 per person (well worth it) and was booked through RC. You don't need anything special to use casino, they want your money. USD is accepted, however, if you have fresh bills they give you a really hard time about how long it takes for the ink to disappear.
  10. Following....I like some of the vegan food options on the menu, even though I am not vegan. Soy or almond milk would be nice too, I don't do well with cow milk
  11. Does anyone have more information about the "Taste of Independence"? I noticed this as a new addition to the "Foodies" section on the 2 newest cruise compasses for the Independence of the Seas. I was wondering if anyone had done this, and is it similar to the sip, tour, brunch or possibly a slimmed down version of the all access tour.
  12. I personally like to put on a dress for formal night, something basic or something dressy (cocktail or old bridesmaid dress), mid 30's it's about the only time we get to dress up. Hubs will put on nice pants and a nice button up, usually no blazer or tie (never quite figured that thing out, lol) I dont really care how anyone is dressed, with the major exception of flip flops and tshirts with cut off sleeves that expose male nipples or a sports bra. That's just gross and I firmly believe those people should be turned away, from all dining establishments.
  13. Allure from Texas November 2021, (RC glitch?) balcony pick your own room is currently cheaper than Oceanview they pick your room.
  14. This got me my first flight. I assumed liquids were just soap, shampoo, perfume, etc.....ending up dumping half my purse out cause TSA in ATL also meant lip gloss, blistex, foundation, liquid lip stain, etc (the staples of everyday) ..... hard life lesson lol, make up now goes in checked bag
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