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  1. Our day in Cozumel a couple weeks ago and being parked next to HOS convinced us to book SOS for next year. We wished they would have done ship tour excursions.
  2. we are doing this next January on Symphony. Looking forward to it!
  3. We hit three of them over the course of the trip - I believe the first one was the Melissa Buc-ees.
  4. Yes- always look at the bottom line. Likewise - I would NOT give up a $200 OBC to save $123 (just a random example)
  5. Where did all those dogs come from? I have a music degree and I didn't know half of the musicians/instruments. What do the little lines by them mean? Oddly enough I know Julian Lloyd Weber plays the cello.... but that's pretty obscure...
  6. Family of 4 here-- we either need one balcony or two inside rooms to be able to get some space. This year we did connecting interiors and mostly loved it. Except for when one of the kids needed down time and one of us needed to be in the room with them. -- that was when we missed the balcony. Trying a Central Park Balcony next year. So I guess this is a real choice for us every time - it's just for the same cruise instead of getting an "extra"
  7. I also noticed the lack of room service trays/etc. when we were on board Liberty a couple of weeks ago. We also enjoyed the engaging crew. Glad to see someone else is giving deck 4 some morning lap love. Definitely my favorite place to get some air and some steps to justify an extra beverage or two....
  8. I am too - although I was there Road trip to Western Missouri everyone!
  9. I didn't want to buy into all the Buc-ee's hype - but - man. my sandwich was amazing. And, they had geocaches to find. And the dog park signs were the best. For dinner - we didn't get a photo of the Japchae! but it was great. Driving in this Houston suburb was a bit crazy.
  10. We are 2 1/2 weeks out from our cruise! Given the current weather situation in the midwest - this is a GREAT thing. We discovered tonight, that my parents who we are traveling with us have My time dining - and we are scheduled for early dining - (and planning on using the My Family time dining service to expedite the boys meals and get them on their way to play hard while we have a relaxing end of meal.) We know Grandpa and Grandma are hoping to dine with us as a group. At this point - we are not able to switch them to the early dining, so our choices appear to be We switch t
  11. Do we have to do anything either ahead of time or when on board to get the package linked? Now to figure out which adult is the lucky one that doesn't have to manage the photos
  12. We are super bad about getting family photos - so with the Black Friday Deals are considering the digital photo package for our family for our February 2020 sailing on Liberty of the Seas. Since we have never been able to cruise Royal (third try is a charm right?) I could use some experienced input on the following: We are sailing in two connecting staterooms. Will we be able to use just one photo package? Will someone from the assigned stateroom have to be in each photo? We are traveling with Grandpa and Grandma - I am assuming they could be in group photos on our package?
  13. Thanks for the replies all. Would have loved access to more - however, free is good
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