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  1. We had an enjoyable time on Carnival. There were things we loved and things that we didn't enjoy. After next January, we'll have sailed on all of the major US lines (Norwegian, Disney, Carnival and Royal). I've yet to find a perfect line.
  2. The Triumph - soon to be renamed the Sunrise. We're sailing on the Liberty OTS next February ... unless my RCI luck comes back 😉
  3. Technically, my next sailing is in 5 days on Carnival out of New Orleans. In a remarkable stroke of luck, it seems that this ship is also going into dry dock, but they've already redone most of her rooms so, from what we've been led to believe by several sources, we'll actually have a fairly recently renovated cabin!
  4. Sorry - my sarcasm got the best of me. Nothing is wrong with that sailing. The joke is that I've booked 2 RC cruises and RC cancelled both of them (one due to a ship going into dry dock and one due to a ship not coming out of dry dock). I joke that they must not like me very much. 🙂
  5. Thanks @Matt - I hope so as well. But, I still wouldn't book the 2/2/20 sailing on the Liberty. 🙂
  6. An update ... I spoke with an agent from RC earlier this afternoon and they are compensating me for our airfare. It helps that we were under the $200 per person limit for change fees (I caught a killer sale on Spirit), but an email and a couple of calls and it was taken care of. I kept calm and Catarina with Guest Services stepped up for us. Granted, it would have been nice not to have to ask for it back and have it offered, but, I'll take it. Hopefully, we'll finally set foot on a RC Ship next February 2nd. But, since this is our third go, I'd advise everyone to avoid the 2/2/20 sailing out of Galveston just to be on the safe side.
  7. Right now, I'm out a hotel room in FLL that I won't be able to use (prepaid - no refunds). I've asked them to cover my flights since I won't use them, but I'm not holding my breath. I hope my travel insurance will cover them. If I'm out $750 in flights, then I definitely won't ever set foot on an RC ship.
  8. Yes, and I have insurance. I'm waiting to see what they will cover. That's not the point. The point is that RC has an opportunity to turn a negative situation into a win. That's what companies with good customer service do. Instead, they decided that denying a refund on flights for someone because they fly Southwest and they have no change fees (but the person won't be able to go on vacation until after the SW credits expire) is worth angering the customer. What I proposed is a way for RC to say, "We know this stinks. Let's try and make it better. If this would cost, say, $2,000 per cabin and you round up the number of cabins to 2,000, you're looking at $4,000,000 (4 million). Last year, according to filings, they had income of $3 Billion dollars. To put this in perspective, I'm asking them to spend $.04 out of $30 to make the guests on this sailing happy. Even at double that, you're only looking at less than a dime out of $30 to make things right. As someone who has worked in customer service and spent a lot more to make a customer happy, this seems like a no brainer.
  9. Pretty much. Add on to that the fact that they offered only to cover $200 in change fees for airfare, many people are going to lose a lot. I'm asking them to reimburse all of my flight costs because it is under the $200 per person (we got a GREAT sale on Spirit) and we won't fly to any of our next few vacations - including a cruise out of Galveston next February. If it were me, and I know that I'm not in charge, but I'd do the following for those scheduled: Full Refund (of course). 25% off a future cruise. 50% of this cruise fare as a credit towards a future cruise OR stateroom credit. Full refund of all non-refundable flights, hotels, cars, etc. And, to pay for it, I'd make every manager's bonus contingent upon completing every dry dock on time. You schedule it too close, you lose your money. Is that fair? Probably not, but neither is asking your customer to eat hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars in travel costs related to your decisions.
  10. @Matt - You and I both know that kids are NEVER free. 😉
  11. It's a 50% credit based on what we paid for this one. We had a kids free and 60% off the second person.
  12. We are were set to sail a week from Friday with four of us. Either everything is full or way out of our price range, especially on short notice.
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