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  1. tdcackler

    Navigator Dry Dock Poll

    Correct, no Perfect Storm. 48 inches seems to be the standard at the new things at Coco Cay. And, 48 is the standard for most of the slides at my local water park. Summer before last they finally were tall enough at the end of the season (the last day in fact) to do the "Big Slides". They were happy. I imagine it will be the same on the Navigator.
  2. Thank you! That makes sense. I appreciate it!
  3. tdcackler

    Last minute drink offer

    It does my heart good to see all these people breaking out their spreadsheets.
  4. tdcackler

    Last minute drink offer

    This is very true. Sometimes I don't want to think on vacation. 🙂
  5. tdcackler

    Navigator Dry Dock Poll

    Just as an aside, it looks like according to the Miami Port Guide (, the Navigator will return on 02/21 before she sails again on 02/24. At least I know she won't be late.
  6. tdcackler

    First RC cruise questions....

    Good advice here. I will say that on the cruises I've been on (not RC), I've done with and without the drink package. If I didn't drink alcohol and seldom drank soda, I wouldn't spend the money. I did get the package because on RC it includes a bit more than on Norwegian, but even then, not sure if we'll do it again.
  7. tdcackler

    Navigator Dry Dock Poll

    Don't worry, @Kyle_cardinalsfan51 - I will find out February 24th. I'm on that sailing. 🙂
  8. tdcackler

    Navigator Dry Dock Poll

    If it is free, I have a 9 year old that will insist on burgers for every meal.
  9. tdcackler

    Falmouth Port

    We did the Mountain Coaster last year when we were there with another cruise. It was a blast!
  10. tdcackler

    Last minute drink offer

    Just. Do. The. Math. Seriously, am I the only one who has a spreadsheet to do the break even anaylis on all the beverage packages? 🙂
  11. tdcackler

    Navigator Dry Dock Poll

    Anyone know what the difference is between a Johnny Rockets and an Express?
  12. tdcackler

    Medical Issues

    And, I would double check with your doctor to know just how the app talks to the device and what is required.
  13. tdcackler

    MEI TA Recommendation

    Just for another option, Kathy Geiger with MEI won't steer you wrong. Long time friend that I highly recommend and use as our TA. is her email.
  14. tdcackler

    Navigator Dry Dock Poll

    Cannot wait to be on this ship in February on the first sailing after the drydock!
  15. We'll be on the first sailing after dry dock. We are AMP'ed (see what we did there!) Say Bon Voyage for me @ReyRod - and let me know when she returns!