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  1. If you price it out yourself and your agent gives you a different price than you saw online, just ask them. For example, our MEI Agent (Kathy G - she is awesome!) always prices it out with refundable deposits which is more than non-refundable and what the RC site defaults to, if I understand correctly. I've worked with other agencies and with MEI. A good agent won't be upset with your questions. Just ask. They want you to be happy and have a great vacation so you come back.
  2. This. I told the crew back home just text me if there is an emergency and I can respond accordingly. If I had to check in, even 3 texts a day is far less than Ann internet package.
  3. Considering that when we have burgers for dinner I have to make an extra for breakfast, my son will be bummed they won't be there for breakfast.😂
  4. Nice! I don't want to go to Johnny Rockets due to the cost. This should satisfy my burger boy!
  5. I watched a YouTube video of the WJ spread on Liberty this afternoon and it looked like they had a "build a burger" station where you can add what you want to your burger. One of my sons LOVES burgers and will flip over this. Can someone confirm this sort of thing may be an option?
  6. I didn't do this in San Juan, but when my family and I sailed out of New Orleans this past February on a different line, we spent the morning wandering around the French Quarter before heading over to the port. We are early risers so we were up and at it early and had two or three hours before we headed to the port. Totally doable.
  7. That is good to know. I love me some pizza!
  8. It can't be as bad as the pizza like object that Disney delivered to us once via room service at Port Orleans Riverside. I couldn't even eat one slice!
  9. We are stopping at Costa Maya in February and it looks like most excursions are either beach or Mayan ruins. Our beach day is in Cozumel (thanks Matt for the recommendation of Nochi Coccum) and we want to see sloths in Roatan. What are some ideas for Costa Maya that I'm not seeing?
  10. I agree. They managed to have FUN with it. That email made me care less about what they decided (although I am very happy they honored it) and more that they owned the issue and wanted to make the guests happy. Honestly, one email has turned my perception of RC around after having fairly neutral feelings for them because they seem to want to refuse to take my money (I've had the bad luck of having my first two attempts to sail with RC cancelled and I can say I wasn't exactly pleased with how they handled it). This time, regardless of the decision, they did what they could. Kudos to their marketing and PR team for turning a giant bowl of lemons into some tasty lemoncello.
  11. Haven't received our email yet, but I have our confirmations. Very happy and I would say the email is the right attitude about it. It took awhile, but RC did right by me and then some. I will be sure to have some extra Krakken on the ship.
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